Cloud Hosted Services vs On Premise Systems

One of the most common questions entrepreneurs face when starting a business is deciding whether to host all of their computing and storage needs in the cloud or on premises. So, if you find yourself asking this question, you are not alone. There is no short answer. It depends on several factors, such as the...
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Don’t Get Scammed

When an organization posts a scam alert on their home page, you know that they must have gotten a lot of inquiries and complaints about the matter. That’s why The Global Privacy Enforcement Network has posted an alert at the top of their home page According to the FTC, people are getting calls ostensibly...
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e-Prescribing comes to New York

On March 27, 2016 New York became the second state to require electronic prescriptions. And it is the first to back that requirement with serious penalties. So, how is it going? Well, there isn’t much news. And, that’s good news. Considering that there are at least 74,000 physicians in New York, and they write almost...
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If Your Data Gets Locked UP

What do you if someone manages to encrypt your data? That’s the question that the Kansas Heart Hospital in Wichita had to answer. Someone hacked their systems and started to encrypt their data. They decided to pay the ransom. That’s when they had to face reality.  Fortunately, the hospital had a Plan B, and the...
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How Your Car is like IT

In a lot of ways, your IT is like your car. Lots of us have a love / hate relationship with our cars. We love the freedom and flexibility it gives. Sometimes, you simply cannot even manage without one. But, no one likes the expenses the car brings (even when you know that you are...
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