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Email Security and IT Services in New York City

IT services New York cityAn IT services firm in New York City that cares about its clients will make sure that email security is part of the package. Email is still widely used for marketing and business communication, so it’s essential to protect it from cyber threats. Here are ways that your IT team can help keep your email private and secure:

Raising Cybercrime Awareness

Cybercrime becomes a more challenging obstacle each year as hackers continue to learn new ways to penetrate business networks. Malware is often launched through email when an unsuspecting employee clicks an attachment. An important step your IT services provider in New York City can take is to educate your staff about how cybercriminals have been known to impersonate trusted known entities. They may spoof a company’s logo or use a similar domain. One of the most common ways for a computer system to become infected is due to employee error.

Email Software

Antivirus software is no longer the bulletproof solution for weeding out cybercriminals. It helps to use network monitoring software, so that your IT team knows which devices are authorized to be on your network at any given time. By setting policies on access for specific devices, you will have much more control over your network. You will be alerted immediately when suspicious activity occurs, and you will be able to quarantine malware.

Email security software, such as Proofpoint, has filters that control what makes it to your inbox. Modern filters can classify email as spam, phishing, malware or adult content. Additional filters can weed out impostors, low priority email or bulk email. Software designed to protect against email fraud involves analysis of the relationship between the sender and receiver, as well as domain reputation, email headers, and content. Each unwanted sender can be added to your block list.

Preventing Cyber Threats

One of the greatest favors that an IT firm can do for you is to prevent cyber threats from becoming disasters. The process begins with accurate detection software that comprises several layers of technology for detecting malware and other unwanted scenarios. Analysis of IP addresses is part of the key to determining which users are legitimate. After analyzing this data, the software accepts, rejects or throttles email connections. Another dimension to the software is that it evaluates the reputation of the sender.

Some cyber threats can disrupt a business for many days, but if you work with an IT team that takes proactive steps to minimize the risk of cyberattacks, you have better odds of avoiding downtime. Your IT team should care enough about your business to make sure it isn’t bogged down with spam, bulk mail or cyber threats. The quicker your IT team can resolve issues involving email privacy or security, the more productive your business will be.


Make sure your IT services in New York City are up-to-date enough to include email protection. You should not have to operate in fear of cyberattacks through email. Contact the experts at HOCS Consulting to learn more about how we can maximize security, so that you can concentrate on your business.

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