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Employees Can Now Work Safely from a Remote Location with IT Services in New York City!

IT services New York cityEnabling employees to work from home is a growing trend and partnering with an IT services provider in New York City can make this process become a reality. Allowing employees to work from home offers many benefits for workers, whether it is eliminating daily commutes, increasing job satisfaction, or even giving an employee the freedom to schedule their work hours. Of course, allowing employees to work from home isn’t without a few risks. However, the use of an IT provider can keep these risks to a minimum.

Here is how an IT company can help employees avoid these common mistakes:

Secure Wi-Fi Connection

The first step in allowing employees to work from home is to ensure that they are using a secure internet connection. Using Wi-Fi networks in hotels, coffee shops, or other public places are not safe and can make you vulnerable to a cyberattack. These cyberattacks are known as “man-in-the-middle” attacks and can cause severe damage by stealing personal information. The best way to avoid these dire situations is only to allow employees to work from home and avoid public places. An IT provider can also use cloud services to encrypt data and is just one more added layer of protection.

Additional Cybersecurity Training

Malware can cause massive damage to any company but using IT services in New York City can help your business avoid these threats. An MSP can offer additional training sessions to ensure that employees understand the risks and the best ways to prevent common malware schemes. These training seminars can be held on a regular basis and will give remote workers the added knowledge to avoid becoming a victim of these attacks.

Mobile Device Policy

A mobile device can easily get misplaced or stolen at any time. However, an IT provider can create a detailed mobile device policy that will keep your company’s information protected from such a dire scenario. For example, the use of mobile passwords and fingerprint technology can prevent an unauthorized user from gaining access to a mobile device. An IT provider can also completely disable the device and remove all applications for any stolen or misplaced mobile device.

The use of IT services in New York City can enable your employees to work from any location without sacrificing productivity or security. HOCS Consulting is a leading IT support company that has been helping small to medium size businesses use technology since 1991. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of allowing employees to work remotely.

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