How Your Car is like IT

In a lot of ways, your IT is like your car. Lots of us have a love / hate relationship with our cars. We love the freedom and flexibility it gives. Sometimes, you simply cannot even manage without one. But, no one likes the expenses the car brings (even when you know that you are saving money over all). And when it doesn’t work? Grrrrr.

Your IT support needs to be good, reliable and highly available.

No matter how much you like to tinker, your IT, like your car, just needs to work reliably. On the other hand, if you aren’t a tinkerer, you still need it to keep on working. You need to be able to just get in and go without having to worry. You also need a mechanic, and he’s got to be good and reliable. The same is true for IT support. Your IT support needs to be good, reliable and highly available.

There is one major difference between your car and your IT, though. Unless your entire business revolves around a fleet of cars, your car(s) are only a part of the business. However IT has a place in every part of your business.

At its best, well implemented IT supports all aspects of your business, and then goes a step further. It allows you to save money, be more effective, serve more customers with more and better products, or accomplish any combination of these.  IT is one of the most flexible tools you have to improve your business.

Stay tuned for some ideas on the matter.

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