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IT Services in New York City: Best Practices for Endpoint Security - HOCS Consulting
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Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922

IT Services in New York City: Best Practices for Endpoint Security

IT services New York city

Protecting your network endpoints, such as computers and printers, is a job you can outsource to IT services providers in New York City so you can focus on core business activities. Experts understand from experience that endpoint protection is an ongoing task and one should never be over-confident about cybersecurity. Here are ways that an IT team can manage your endpoint protection effectively:

Use Automated Discovery and Management Tools

In the age of cybercrime, IT services providers in New York City must assess a client’s entire infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and use methods that do this efficiently. Using automated discovery tools is a reliable strategy for tracking all digital assets in your system and evaluating how secure they are. These tools can be used to map your system more effectively and monitor the health of your network. By the same token an important cornerstones to developing endpoint protection includes reliable patch management. The best way to do this is to use automated tools to insure that patches roll out in a timely fashion.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In a world where technology and the related threats are constantly changing, keeping up with the current trends can be an impossible task. A seasoned team of professionals can take that on, and make sure that they are up to date on the threats that you may face and possible mitigations. Some of the things they could implement for you :

  • Studying behavioral analytics for abnormal activity
  • Using 24/7 traffic monitoring for intruder detection
  • Machine learning from algorithms that analyze traffic
  • Conducting threat analysis through monitoring and data sharing among cybersecurity networks
  • Using data protection software that quarantines malware

Security Focused integration

The key to getting the most out of a managed services provider that handles security, data protection, and business continuity issues, is to use integrated solutions that allow all network components to work together, so that your infrastructure can be monitored and managed from a central location.

Cooperative networks

Cybersecurity networks can work together to share information on breaches and threats, and new approaches to combat hackers. Evolving strategies are needed since hacking techniques are growing in sophistication. Also, because so many attacks are broad based, it often takes the work and resources of a full network to bring bd actors down.


By outsourcing IT services in New York City to handle endpoint protection issues, you can free up your own technicians to work on other priorities. Contact us at HOCS Consulting to learn more about the best ways to manage your technology so that you can focus more on achieving your business goals.

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