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How IT Services in New York City Can Help Improve Your Wi-Fi Connections

IT services New York cityMost small businesses rely completely on Wi-Fi, yet many don’t even consider the day-to-day implications. IT services providers in New York City often hear stories of outages in company’s IT systems along with slow speed, and instead of it being related to either broadband connection or the devices themselves, it can often be traced back to an outdated router.

How Can You Tell if Your Router is Outdated?

Technology moves fast. The chances are, if you have had your router for more than a few years, or your company has grown, it will not be sufficient for your needs. Many companies use a router for all their company hardware but forget the number of devices that employees also use that will necessarily increase the need for greater bandwidth. It is becoming more common for companies to allow employees to use their own mobile phones and tablets for work-related tasks. But the more connections you have to a router that may be past its prime, the more sluggish you will find it and dropped connections will increase. This is worsened if you have customers using your Wi-Fi, as well. So, with an old router, your sensitive company data could be at risk as could your customers’ satisfaction.

What Can You Do?

It is tempting to update some of your technological hardware, thinking it will make a difference, and these are usually the most visible things like mobile devices and laptops. IT services providers in New York City recommend updating your router first to see if that solves the problem, as a more advanced router can give you better range, a stronger signal, and more connections that will allow a greater number of devices to connect at one time. The tricky thing is to decide which router will be right for you, but that is where the experts come in. There are many different routers that can improve all these aspects of your Wi-Fi, but some can be too expensive for smaller businesses to consider. When you take into account the exact requirements you have and the budget you have available, only then can you decide which router would be right for you.

In order to run a check on all your Wi-Fi connectivity and router capabilities, you can contact an IT services provider in New York City like HOCS Consulting. We can assess your IT infrastructure to see if it is working to its optimum capacity. If not, we can recommend a solution to make sure your data is safe and your customers are happy. Contact us now so we can help rejuvenate your systems.

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