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IT Services in New York City Can Help You Make the Mini-PC Switch

IT services New York cityIT services providers in New York City have many specializations: from cloud computing to IoT (Internet of Things) installation and application; BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) to security solutions; and, consultation to hardware distribution. Along with these specializations, IT services currently advise businesses that do work on desktop computers to make the cloud switch or transition to the use of mini PCs.

Many businesses can’t afford to fully switch to the cloud, as operational requirements predicate independent functionality. For such organizations, another way to save money and retain the same level of operations is reducing hardware expenses. As cloud computing overtakes conventional computing, desktop prices are gradually dropping. For around $500 you can get a computer that would have cost several thousand dollars a few years ago. Mini PCs offer the same level of computation in a consolidated, more dependable package.

Several notable advantages include:


A mini PC is tiny, depending on what kind of mini PC you decide on, you will find units between 4-by-4 and 6-by-6 inches. The Raspberry Pi is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but this is something with less computing power than most mini PCs. Still, technology expands on itself exponentially: you can expect organizations offering IT services in New York City to have the ability to help you find even smaller devices with greater computing power in the next decade. If you’re working with a more cutting-edge, you’ll get greater access to developing technology like mini PCs.


The smaller a computer, the easier it is to move. Sometimes for security and processing reasons, a laptop just can’t cut it. But mini PCs pack a powerful punch, and they’re easy to move if needed.

Hardware Cost

You can get a mini PC for between $140 and $160. You may be able to secure even better deals by buying in bulk. For a larger operation, this can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Energy Expense

At 10¢ per kWh, a 1-watt device would cost 87.6¢ a year if run continuously. Mini PCs consume between five and 12 Watts, as opposed to 50 and 60 Watts associated with most desktop PCs. This means a single desktop computer running 24/7/365 costs an average of $48.18. The average cost of running a mini PC is just $7.44. That’s an average saving of 85 percent. Extrapolate those savings over 100 desktops, and you’re looking at an annual savings of over $4,000 for moving to mini PCs.

Solid State Drives

A solid-state drive doesn’t have moving parts, making the computer less prone to overheat, more durable, and a consumer of less energy.

Making the Mini PC Switch? IT services in New York City, through HOCS Consulting, can help you find the mini PC that works best for your company. We are on the cutting edge of tech development, and our diverse clientele help informs our consultation. Contact us to get the best mini-PCs for your business.

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