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IT Services in New York City Often Provide Better Security via Cloud

IT services New York city, cloud computing New YorkIT services in New York City are changing just like the rest of the world, and one of the most important ways such changes are manifesting is through the cloud. With cloud computing, entire server arrays can be outsourced without business performance being lost or compromised. It makes sense that many are making the switch, and this is forcing IT companies to re-evaluate their operational strategies.

Many businesses avoid the cloud for fear that giving their information to such companies is not secure. What they don’t realize is that avoiding the switch to cloud makes them their own worst enemy. By and large, the vast majority of security breaches come from the inside.

Employees can accidentally download viruses, for example. Additionally, employees might need to download software from the web that may not have a virus but may end up taxing your operational system, ultimately resulting in operational problems. Imagine a massively multiplayer game being bounced around the network by the night crew.

Preventable Vulnerabilities

You might also have employees who don’t follow proper protocols in securing their workstations. Coming up with a new password every one to two weeks can be difficult, especially if there is no password management software in place. Employees are apt to write down their passwords somewhere and continuously consult them. This is insecure, since inter-office espionage may reveal a lucrative backdoor into your system.

You also have technology developments to consider. IT services in New York City are cutting edge, but the cutting edge is swinging in a continuous, never-ending arc. This is because computational technology has been exponentially developing for decades. As new innovations become mainstream, new ways to exploit their weaknesses do as well. Hackers are always coming up with new and improved ways of compromising a given network for their own means. Malware, spyware, ransomware–these are pernicious threats today, but sometimes, even worse attacks take place, like 2016’s DDoS attack across the east coast.

Secure Operations

If you want true security for your business, you need a core team whose entire goal is to increase security. This team will be needed in addition to your internal security team, as they already have their hands full keeping your systems operational. Even if your internal team delivers, you’re still paying $30k+ annually for more than one individual. And additionally, even if their core is security, they’re not going to be up on the latest threats.

When it comes to the cloud, you need technological support from a group who has made such burgeoning technology its core enterprise and focus. Even if your security team was somehow fully cutting edge, it would get that way at your expense. It’s definitely going to be cheaper to rely on an outsourced solution rather than one that has “reinvented the wheel,” so to speak.

In summation, advantages of cloud computing in terms of security include:

Increased Expertise for Decreased Expense
Reduction of Threats from Internal Employees
Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

When you’ve got diverse experience handling cloud solutions, threat reduction and more tech, you additionally achieve a competitive edge over peers. IT services in New York City through HOCS Consulting can help give you that edge. Contact us for a secure cloud update.

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