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IT Support in New York City: 3 Types of Businesses that Can Benefit from the Cloud Technology

IT support New York city, cloud computing New YorkThe use of cloud services is having a significant impact on a wide variety of businesses. Of course, some industries are hesitant to migrate to the cloud as they may not have the freedom to transfer documents to a cloud server or they must follow stringent guidelines. Fortunately, an IT support provider in New York City can make this transition process much more manageable while remaining in compliance with the guidelines for various industries. Here are three types of businesses that can benefit from using cloud services:

1. Healthcare Industry

One of the main reasons cloud computing from an IT support provider in New York City is successful is because it can easily adapt to fit the needs of any organization; healthcare, for example. Healthcare industry must follow strict guidelines, or else, they’ll risk severe penalties which can potentially cause them to lose their licenses. An IT provider can ensure that a healthcare clinic has access to cloud technology while remaining HIPAA-compliant. For example, the use of encryption will ensure that the patient’s data remains confidential and out of the hands of unauthorized users. Each of the HIPAA guidelines will be followed, which makes switching to the cloud a simple decision for medical companies.

2. Financial Companies

Partnering with an IT provider will also give financial organizations access to cloud services. Instead of manually storing data inside an office, business records can be uploaded to a cloud server and receive the highest form of protection. The financial data is stored on multiple offsite cloud servers, which helps prevent mass data loss. Cloud technology also receives frequent updates, which is just another added layer of protection.

3. Global Workforce

Another important industry that can enjoy most of the cloud technology is the global workforce. In the past, employees worked in the same office, but now employees can work from any location with the help of cloud services. This flexibility has given rise to a global workforce that can access important documents from any location with an internet connection. Ultimately, the increase in cloud technology has provided a significant boost to productivity and allowed companies to have numerous offices that are interconnected through the use of cloud services. Employees that have the freedom to work from home are typically much happier and are a valuable asset to any organization.

Having an IT support provider in New York City has a significant impact on your organization as it allows your employees to experience cloud technology and work from any location. HOCS Consulting is an IT support company that helps businesses in various fields take advantage of cloud technology. We understand that cloud services are radically changing the workforce and it can have a huge impact on your company, whether you are in the healthcare, financial, or global industry. The use of cloud technology will only continue to grow in popularity and will help organizations reach never-before-seen levels of success. Contact us today so that we can discuss further on how your business can benefit from cloud technology. You’re in a competitive world that is always advancing with technology, do not remain behind.

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