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IT Support in New York City: Virtualization Security Threats to Be Aware Of

IT support New York cityVirtualization is a major IT service offered by IT support providers in New York City. The cloud-computing component comes with much efficiency as it offers flexibility and scalability. However, with every technology, come with it certain challenges. For virtualization, we are looking at the security threats that may accompany the innovation. Some of the security threats may include communication blind spots, inter-virtual machine attacks, and other hidden hardware threats. Check out each of these security worries below:

With a normal virtualization framework, unless the virtual machines are connected to the appliance channel, then the network appliance will be blind to the VM communications. This will cause time lags, as users strive to access the virtual machines.

When it comes to the cloud, you will find that the hypervisor to which the virtual machine is integrated is not accessible by the end user. This is a possible cause of a security breach because of the absence of visibility. Hackers see this as a vulnerability to be exploited.

If the virtualization layer is compromised, all the other hosted workloads also face the same fate. This means that once a hacker gets access to the guest virtual machine, they can, as well, access all the other VMs on that host if adequate security measures are not taken.

Most criminals will target the hypervisor, software on the host machine, which fosters communication of the virtual machines with the actual physical hardware resource. The virtual machine with an infection can escape from the isolated environment to attack the hypervisor. This is called hyperjacking.

Another big threat comes with the hosting of workloads of different trust levels on the same server. If the VMs have varying levels of security, confidentiality, and sensitive data, they can be easy to compromise by hackers. The hackers will target those with less important data and security measures, and they will advance to the more secure data. IT support experts in New York City can solve this issue by regulating and mitigating the VMs with data of different trust levels.

Virtualization involved rapid and regular provisioning and decommissioning of VMs on a host. If the virtual machine becomes dormant, it could potentially fail to get the security updates, and this makes it vulnerable to hackers.

It is advisable that businesses know these possible virtualization threats. At HOCS Consulting, our IT support team in New York City create policies for dealing virtualization security threats. Virtualization in itself is beneficial after you have addressed the security issues. Contact us now and let our experts assist you to solve the virtualization security threats and your other tech needs.

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