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Unless you are managing your own IT company, your focus should not be on IT support in New York. You need to keep your focus on building your business and engaging with your clients, not fixing your network or upgrading software. That is one reason why it is smart to have an all-inclusive managed service provider handle your IT infrastructure and support.

IT support New York city

Benefits of Working with an All-Inclusive IT Provider

When you go with one-stop IT support in New York, your business will enjoy a number of benefits:

Lower costs

Lower cost is a major benefit with most small-to-medium businesses. Hiring and managing a full-time IT staff is expensive. Hiring people to fix problems only as they occur gets expensive. When you engage an outside provider, you pay a set price every month, usually based on the number of users and pieces of hardware being managed. The monthly cost is a low, manageable amount.

Single provider

A single point of contact is a major benefit of going with a one-stop IT support shop. You don’t have to remember which provider does what when you have a problem. You call your one provider. That’s all you need to get someone to start working on a problem. It makes managing day-to-day operations much easier.


Efficiency is what you get when you have a single provider dealing with all aspects of your IT infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if it is a problem involving the network, database, servers, or mobile devices. The provider handles the problem and there is no need for you to be involved with contacting different vendors for assistance.

All in one

You get the expertise of a full IT staff for a single price. The beauty of an outside provider is that you aren’t paying the salaries of an entire team of IT professionals, yet you get their services included in your subscription. So, when you need a DBA, security expert, or network administrator, you get the exact talent you need when you need it. Once the work is done, that expert goes on to work on someone else’s issue.

Wide range of solutions

Your provider can offer robust solutions to just about any problem you have. They can provide a consultant to look at the problem and give you an honest assessment of what needs to happen. That consultant can craft a solution and implement it if needed. Having that outside perspective can make even difficult problems easier to manage and the solutions they offer are based on what you need and not tied to any one vendor.

24/7 help desk

A 24/7 help desk keeps your infrastructure up and running. The provider will deploy state-of-the-art monitoring software to every part of your infrastructure. The helpdesk will receive alerts when problems start to occur. That gives them time to get first- or second-level support focused on the problem quickly. This reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs.

These are just a few of the benefits your company will enjoy with an all-inclusive IT support in New York. Contact us at HOCS Consulting today to get started.




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IT support New York city

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IT roadmaps are necessary for highly effective business operations. Your company’s IT roadmap should detail how your business will grow and how your IT, including an IT support team in New York City, will support such growth. The best IT roadmaps contain the following elements: Resource Planning The implementation of new technology and continued maintenance...
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IT support New York city

A New IT Support Provider in New York City Might Be the Solution You’re Looking For

If you’ve been with the same managed service provider for a long time, you may be ready for a change. As your company evolves, your technology needs change, and this means you may need a new team who offers better solutions for your business. With so many different types of IT support in New York...
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IT support New York city

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As a growing business, you need to make sure your network is always performing well. Network monitoring is a strategy you and your IT support team in New York City can use to keep track of everything that’s going on in your network for better performance and security. Working with a team of professionals to...
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IT support New York city

Maximize Mobile Device Productivity with IT Support in New York City

IT support providers in New York City have increasingly begun to facilitate mobile device management (MDM) solutions. There are a number of reasons why; chief among them is productivity. As it turns out, mobile employees have a greater aptitude to be productive than non-mobile ones. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, has a particular productivity...
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IT support New York city

IT Support in New York City: Why You Can’t Ignore Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for Your Business

How prepared is your business for a business disaster? Every day, many businesses face disasters with internal and external, manmade and natural, preventable and unforeseen causes. The result? They are faced with the loss of sensitive data, large amounts of downtime, and a range of financial losses. To avoid these and other consequences, preparation is...
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IT support New York city

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IT support New York city

IT Support In New York Can Help You Design Disaster Recovery Plans

Several Necessary Elements IT support In New York is often integral in the design and implementation of disaster recovery solutions. Following are several elements an MSP can help you put into effect. These elements are absolutely critical and represent the minimum necessary disaster recovery strategies. They include: Designing Specific Data Backup Solutions The Creation…



IT support New York city, MDM New York

BYOD Inclusion: End-to-End IT Support in New York

Enterprise mobility infrastructure is widely embraced by larger companies, but your IT support in New York can still use it to help your small to midsize business (SMB). Many SMBs avoid enterprise mobility infrastructure due to lack of resources. Nevertheless, gradually, smaller businesses are cautiously but increasingly moving towards a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment. Why…




IT support New York city

6 Ways IT Support Experts in New York City Can Expand Your Business


A healthy business needs a strong, stable IT infrastructure. You can get that with the help of IT support experts in New York City. Many small-to-medium-sized businesses have an in-house IT staff. The business relies on an overworked team to get things done, but there never seem to be enough people or resources. It’s a constant battle to keep everything running

IT support New York city

Using IT Support in New York City to Fight Cybercrime


Now that the cost of fighting cybercrime is $6 trillion per year, it’s important for businesses to consider partnering with IT support in New York City. The key is to surround yourself with technology experts who can help protect your operation by taking proactive cybersecurity measures. Here are some of the most severe types of attacks that IT professionals can guard against:

IT support New York city

Why Your IT Support Provider in New York City Must Keep Up with Complexities in Technology


As technology continues to change, your IT support provider in New York City must also stay up-to-date with new developments that improve business efficiency and productivity. Many businesses expect IT to play a role in cutting capital expenses. Here are some of the challenges that your IT provider must overcome to stay competitive in providing technology solutions:



IT support New York city

Avoid These Common Mistakes in Office 365 Migrations with IT Support in New York City


Choosing to use IT support in New York City can help your business easily plan for a cutover Office 365 migration. A cutover migration refers to any process that moves 2,000 or fewer mailboxes to the cloud in a single operation. Making the switch to Office 365 offers a wide range of benefits, but it can also be challenging if your company isn’t adequately prepared.

IT support New York city

IT Support in New York City: Preventing Identity & Data Theft


IT support providers in New York City are now providing the ultimate cyber security solutions as cyber attacks are imminent. Identity theft is a growing problem in the business industry, so failure to have an IT provider can pose serious security risks that may lead to disaster for your organization. Fortunately, an IT provider is an affordable option for your business and can keep your data safe and secure…

IT support New York city

IT Support in New York City: Facilitation of the Necessary IRM Solutions


IT support providers in New York City are offering a number of security solutions worth considering. There is such a thing as an incident response plan (IRP). Additionally, there is something called vulnerability analysis (VA). Something that rather combines the aspects of both is incident response management (IRM). There is no good having an IRP that is not silhouetted by IRM. IRM requires understanding existing…



IT support New York city

Benefits of Partnering with an MSP for IT Support in New York City


Technology has improved to the point that it is becoming difficult to stay on top of all the changes and advancements. In fact, plenty of businesses are stuck with outdated technology simply because they lack the tech expertise necessary to select the optimal solutions. This is precisely why so many companies are allying with managed service providers (MSPs) for IT support in New York City.

IT support New York city

Establishing More Effective Cyber Security with IT Support in New York City


IT support in New York City can play a fundamental part in helping your business avoid common operational issues. You’re going to have problems in terms of security. Internal breaches will occur owing to human error. External breaches will develop from cybercriminal intrusion. You’re going to have economic disasters, hardware failure, software issues, natural disasters, and the list goes on.

IT support New York city

IT Support in New York City: Here’s Why Two-Factor Authentication is Essential In 2018


IT support in New York City regularly advocates IT security featuring two-factor authentication for a number of reasons, not least of which is the increasingly prevalent impact of cybercriminal enterprise. As it turns out, it is projected that by 2021, cybercrime will have a $6 trillion impact worldwide. That’s not a couple of basement dwellers who learned how to hack code and cost businesses money…



IT support New York city, cloud computing New York

Facts About the Cloud as Shared by IT Support Experts in New York City


No matter your field of specialization, chances are that you have heard about cloud computing. But, what is the cloud, where is it located and why is it of importance to you and to your business? Surprisingly, the term “the cloud” is not a new term in IT. As a matter of fact, the cloud has been in existence for decades. This sudden interest in the cloud was occasioned by the shift from what was traditionally considered to be the cloud…

IT support New York city

How IT Support in New York City Provides IT Security for Cloud Technology


The use of cloud technology has grown steadily popular, and choosing an IT support provider in New York City will allow you to have the ultimate IT security while still being able to take advantage of technology. If you have yet to switch over to the cloud, you may wonder how secure it is and if an IT provider can keep your files confidential and out of the hands of cybercriminals…

IT support New York city

How to Improve Your Business Continuity Plan Through IT Support Company in New York City


The business world is becoming an even more dangerous place, as the rise in ransomware attacks and data breaches have threatened business continuity plans, which means it’s imperative to consider partnering with one of the IT support company in New York City. While no one enjoys contemplating a disaster scenario, it’s critical to creating the proper plans for any situation…



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