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Why Your Business Should Embrace MDM and IT Support in New York City

IT support New York city, MDM New YorkHave you ever tried to juggle the challenges of setting up, configuring, securing, maintaining, and keeping track of just a small number of your own personal mobile devices? It’s hard enough when it’s your own phone, tablet, and laptop. But what if you had to change to a new phone every month, or your laptop needed updating, or you had to connect your tablet to a new intranet? Now multiply the number of devices by several orders of magnitude. And you’re still trying to manage this manually? There is a better way, though. IT support experts in New York City say mobile device management (MDM) is the smart way to propel your business.

What is Mobile Device Management?

MDM gives your business control of the security and management of smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and other endpoints. MDM lets your IT support team in New York City easily and reliably manage your mobile devices by controlling, securing, and enforcing policies. MDM is a core component in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) approaches, which manage the wider remit of mobile application management, as well as identify and access management, and the synchronization and sharing of files and data.

Benefits of MDM

MDM drives powerful benefits such as:

Greater Security

MDM software is designed with security as a primary requirement. You benefit from industry-leading technology that is optimized to work with your mobile devices so that security best practice and your own particular policies can be enforced programmatically. Data backup policies ensure the continuation of service, avoiding costly downtime.

Lower Costs

MDM tools in New York allow a small number of IT workers to handle much bigger workloads, with less stress and risk of mistakes. Monitoring tools ensure you know how your devices and systems are being used, allowing you to optimize processes. Automation eliminates redundant manual tasks.

Improved Flexibility/Speed

MDM allows your workers to use the devices they know best, so they can get the most out of their devices and you spend less on training. Changes to the use and configuration of devices and systems are implemented faster, and with more rigorous attention to policies. Simply put, stuff gets done faster and more easily.

Regulatory Compliance

Build compliance into your policies, and they are maintained automatically. Monitoring and reporting tools mean you always know that you’re meeting regulatory requirements. Data is backed up in line with the rules.

These are just four key benefits of MDM; there are many others. At HOCS Consulting, as an IT support provider in New York City, we can help you identify exactly how MDM can help your business. Contact us now for more information.

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