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3 Ways an IT Services Provider in New York City Can Help You Prevent Cyber Attacks

IT services New York cityCyber attacks are occurring at a frantic pace, so it is critical to have an IT services provider in New York City that can keep your business well-protected. According to a recent study, over half the businesses paid over $10,000 due to ransomware attacks and 20 percent spent over $40,000. Naturally, many companies cannot afford to pay such exorbitant prices and are forced to shut down prematurely. Many organizations suffer through these attacks because they are unwilling to use an IT provider. Instead, they use free anti-virus software that can be easily bypassed by an experienced hacker. While they may save money in the short-term, they are exposing their company to unnecessary risks that can ultimately have a serious fiscal impact and severely damage the reputation of the company. Here are a few ways an IT provider can help your business from becoming the next victim of a cyber attack:

1. Receive Frequent Updates

The use of free anti-virus software has many disadvantages, including the inability to receive frequent updates and using outdated software that can create a security vulnerability. On the other hand, the use of an IT provider gives your organization access to frequent updates, which will bring enhanced protection to your firm. Each update will ensure your company has access to the best protection available.

2. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Another reason to have an IT services company in New York City is that it gives you access to state-of-the-art technology. Cyber attacks are becoming extremely complex, so it is imperative to use an IT provider that can counteract these threats. Many experts predict cyber attacks will cost over $2 trillion by next year. It can mean that businesses without an IT provider for cyber attack prevention are putting their organization at a severe risk of being victimized.

3. Data Backup and Recovery

The use of data backups is another effective way to counteract cyber attacks. Data loss can happen instantly, so backing up your data regularly will limit your chances of suffering significant data loss. An IT provider can install software to perform these backups automatically, granting you peace of mind as your critical data is safe and protected. Automatic backups will also ease the workload of employees as they do not have to worry about performing backups themselves.

Having an IT services provider in New York City offers many benefits, including the latest protection from cyber attacks. Downloading free anti-virus software may provide short-term security, but it can lead to a whole host of problems. HOCS Consulting is an IT provider that specializes in protecting companies from the vast array of cyber threats. Our IT technicians are available at any time and will guide you through any technical difficulties. If you have additional questions, contact us and let us set up a meeting to discuss how we can provide the protection you need.

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