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Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922

8 Reasons Why Your IT Support Provider Should Offer Internet Failover in New York City:


The biggest threat to your internet connection is Natural Disasters


Degrading office networks and damaged cables can affect the speed and stability of your internet service connection


Cyber Attacks can post a serious risk to your internet connectivity


Losing your internet connection could pose a safety issue in an emergency as VOIP enabled phones cannot function and you won’t be able to communicate


Suffering from internet down time could negatively affect your relationship with customers, investors, and partners.


Suffering from repeated internet outages can affect the morale of the employees


The cost of not having Internet Fail-over could become thousands or ten of thousands in lost productivity and revenue.


The cost of having a super fast 4G wireless fail-over connection is only a few hundred dollars.