Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922
Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922


HOCS Consulting has been in the business of helping small and medium sized business with their IT needs since 1991. We support a broad range of manufacturers, software and environments, whether you purchase from us or not. We have developed a reputation as a trusted partner because of our competence, integrity, and high quality of work. This means you can leave your computer needs to us while you focus on your business.

We work with organizations that have 5 to 10,000+ computers, whether in a single site or in many sites. We handle everything from servers, virtualization, remote access, backup, anti-virus, all the way down to printers and keyboards not working and everything in between.

  • Managed services allows us to proactively monitor your systems to find problems before they find you.
  • Access to a 24×7 help desk provides constant support for organizations that need to be available outside of typical business hours.
  • A range of plans means you can get as much or as little coverage as you need.
  • Flexibility lets us support you through all sorts of changes in your business.
  • Broad expertise means we can help you through all phases of IT – from designing systems to implementing them and supporting your day to day operations.

Our Data center

Our data center is located in Orangeburg NY equipped with the highest levels of security and redundancy. The facility has multiple dedicated commercial grade fiber internet connections with tri fuel backup power generators that can keep the building powered for several weeks.

Our Operations:

At HOCS, our team of experienced and customer satisfaction driven individuals is what makes us a great big family, our corporate headquarters has been located in Brooklyn NY since our foundation in 1991. Over the years, we have gained a presence across the US, by having technicians strategically located near our clients, to provide them with excellent levels of support.

What makes us unique?


Our implementations; carefully planned in collaboration with all of your software programmers. We schedule them around your workforce to minimize downtime and workflow disruption. Our implementing technicians are meticulous about their work to make the implementation process simple.


We treat each client uniquely. We listen to your team, to get to know their workflow and technology needs. We aim to improve them, to give them the best computing experience to be successful, innovative and collaborative. Only then; does our technology infrastructure design engineers go to the drawing boards and design a unique data network to not only keep you ahead of your industry standards, it will leave you with room to grow your company without having to worry about technology.


We have experienced support technicians that are eager to help our clients with any technical difficulty they come across. Our remote support help desk; staffed with various technicians, which specialize in all industry leading software and hardware, that are able to troubleshoot and correct errors that impede your teams’ workflow. If a remote support technician is unable to troubleshoot the issue remotely, then a field service technician is dispatched to your business to help get your team up and running.


In an age of data security vulnerabilities. We offer the best in security hardware and anti-virus software, to battle all threats, to keep your data safe while at rest and in motion. At HOCS, security is always a top priority; one breach can cause devastating damage to any sized business. We collaborate with industry leading agencies that are certified HIPAA & PCI Compliance auditors to lead your company ahead of the general industry standards in data security.