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Adding Hardware-as-a-Service to Your IT Services Needs in New York City

IT services New York cityYour company probably relies on an IT services provider in New York City to keep up with the technological advancements constantly happening. The continual adaptations and changes in the IT world are impossible to keep up with while focusing on your own business objectives. Most likely, you have already realized that IT services work well when outsourced to a company that focuses on that realm. However, hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) might not be something you are currently exploiting. If it isn’t, you are missing out on some key competitive advantages that HaaS can provide your business.

What is Hardware-as-a-Service?

Hardware-as-a-service is a model similar to licensing or leasing. With HaaS, your company doesn’t own the hardware, but rather pays for the use of items such as hard drives, servers, routers, and other required equipment. Your company pays for the use of this equipment and your fees usually also include maintenance, monitoring, and other services around the items.

Moving Hardware Risks and Costs

With HaaS, your managed services provider is responsible for the hardware. MSPs must keep the hardware current and up to date. When equipment becomes obsolete, which frequently happens in the IT world, your MSP must take care of it. MSPs are responsible for installing new hardware, as well as the proper disposal of the old items. Depending on your service agreement, disposal can include proper data destruction and the proper recycling of the equipment. These are large costs that your business doesn’t need to be concerned with.

Improving Your Company

Your business looks to outsource IT services in New York City to help your company perform better. HaaS helps keep your IT department focused on more useful projects and tasks. Here are some ways that hardware-as-a-service can help your business run smoothly:

  • Manageable monthly operating costs – Using HaaS reduces the capital costs associated with computer systems. Instead, your business has one known and consistent operating cost that is easier to handle in budgets.
  • Up-to-date equipment – Staying up to date in technology is costly and time-consuming. By using HaaS, your company benefits from staying on the forefront of technology without being constantly distracted by hardware updates.
  • Growth and scalability – HaaS has the benefit of being extremely scalable. When your company needs to expand its computer systems, a HaaS covers what you need.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance – Troubleshooting, error logs, and other hardware related tasks take time away from your IT department. They have better things to do than this mundane upkeep. The maintenance tasks like patches and security updates are all handled through your IT services provider, as well as the required troubleshooting. This keeps your sensitive computer systems safe and secure, and it also improves uptime of the equipment.

The IT services provider in New York City that your company uses can provide your business a critical competitive advantage. By removing the unnecessary tasks of hardware management, your IT efforts can focus on tasks that bring business value. At HOCS Consulting, we provide the hardware services that your business needs. To learn more on how we can support your business, contact us today.

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