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Advantages of Network Monitoring with IT Services in New York City

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Network monitoring is one of the most effective IT services in New York City in terms of protection from cyberattacks. Your service provider will typically monitor your Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for actual intrusions and signs of attempted intrusions. In addition, your IT provider will look at usage patterns for clues to insider attacks or other potential threats.

Computer networks must operate quickly, accurately, and most importantly, securely. If your data is not shielded at all times, it will eventually end up in the wrong hands.

Here are some of the advantages of network monitoring:

Network Monitoring Heightens Awareness

Good monitoring systems can produce a lot of information that needs to be monitored and interpreted. This can be hard to do when you are busy trying to keep your customers happy. Your IT services provider in New York City can keep track of all of this and transmit alerts along with the most relevant network scan results directly to you along with a recommendation of which actions are necessary to protect your system.

A Rapid Remedy for Tech Issues

The last thing your business needs is excessive downtime. As the saying goes, “Time is money.” Network monitoring allows you and your IT services provider to find problems quickly, sometimes even before they affect your staff, and fix them quickly.

Improved Network Management

Monitoring tools like live network maps and status dashboards help your provider to see traffic flows and whether changes to network configuration need to be made. Network metrics and analytics let you know who is using what parts of the network, and for what. Automation tools allow you to get these reports and to resolve many issues without the need for human intervention.

Do you need assistance with IT? Whether you need help creating a disaster recovery plan, taking advantage of cloud solutions, mobile device management, network security, or anything else tech-related, the assistance of our IT services team in New York City will prove invaluable. Contact us at HOCS Consulting for more information.

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