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Backing Up Mobile Devices with IT Support in New York City

IT support New York cityIT support in New York City is increasingly dealing with the mobile component of today’s marketplace. As laptops, smartphones, and tablets have begun to proliferate the market, it has become apparent that these mobile devices are likely going to represent definitive forward trends rather than those which recede with time.

Businesses can be essentially prescient, save money, and increase profitability through these devices. They also increase competitiveness! But like any computational device, you’ve got to back up your mobile tech or risk losing valuable information which could impact operations. Following are several considerations worth taking into account as you launch a mobile solution for your business:

  • Don’t forget storage
  • Use more than the Cloud
  • Ensure you test your backup solutions
  • Choose your best backup method: automated or manual

Don’t Forget Storage

Your mobile devices have internal storage that can be used for backup in a pinch. When the practice of hard-drive partitioning began, it was on computers with much smaller capacities for data than most mobile devices today. It is possible to configure devices such that the primary “operating system” of said device backs itself up to the other “half” of the device. That said, not a lot of mobile devices will do this. Still, you’ve got internal storage options which can help you store data as necessary and could be useful in data recovery. Also, you can use mobile devices as backups for larger devices. A thumb drive could be uploaded to a tablet or laptop, safeguarding sensitive data from a server array.

Use More Than the Cloud

IT support in New York City today is often promoting cloud computing solutions–and for good reason: these are convenient, cost-effective, and competitively viable. However, no tech solution is invulnerable–and that includes the cloud. Hacking, server array failure, disaster; all could inhibit your data. So back up to the cloud, but also have a physical location somewhere that your phones back up to.

Ensure You Test Solutions

It doesn’t matter how comprehensive the backup system you design is if it remains untested. Add to that the necessity of testing things at intervals. You’ve got to test your tech solutions on a regular basis in terms of backup, or risk discovering too late that they aren’t requisite to the task. So whatever you do in terms of backup for mobile or non-mobile devices, ensure you regularly test what you’ve got available and upgrade as necessary.

Choose Backup Methods: Automated or Manual

You want everybody on the same page. If you’ve got operations that will be hampered by backup, then you probably shouldn’t go the automated route, as things will get sluggish at the wrong time. This would predicate a manual backup solution at intervals. Daily backups are advised, weekly ones can work; it all depends on the losses you can sustain in terms of data. That said, automated solutions are en vogue, and they are often worth your while if you can swing them.

The Right Choices

IT support in New York City through HOCS Consulting can help you to make the best possible backup choices for your business. Contact us now for cutting-edge mobile backup solutions and information, and to help you choose the right solution for your business.

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