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How to Test Backups Effectively with IT Support in New York City

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Backups are essential for numerous reasons. Hardware has the potential to fail. User error can cause data deletion or alterations. Software might be laden with one or several bugs. There is also the chance of a hacker attempting to destroy or steal data to sell it on the black market. Some angry employees will even consider sabotaging systems prior to exiting. Don’t worry, though— our IT support team in New York City is here to ensure there is not an excessive wait to restore data. Perhaps more importantly, our backups provide invaluable peace of mind.

About Backup Testing

Data recovery is stressful enough in and of itself. If you are concerned about whether your backups are valid, you will feel that much more pressure during this unfortunate event. The answer is testing backups. It is no longer egregiously difficult to perform such tests. The rise of virtualization has made backup testing significantly easier. Virtual machines are basically file sets featuring the virtual machine’s data as well as operating system data. Even information about the virtual machine’s configuration is included to facilitate recovery from backups.

Why Backup Testing is Important

Testing an application’s restoration is important for several reasons. For one, this testing proves the restore works. Furthermore, testing provides a benchmark that guarantees the recovery process is performed at specific service levels. Perform regular testing and you will find out if application recovery goals are possible or if the process needs to be altered to be completed faster.

In terms of what should be tested, there are several levels of note. File recovery testing is necessary to determine if individual files can be retrieved from the backup. Virtual machine testing is necessary to ensure it powers up. As noted above, full application testing is necessary, yet it will prove fairly complex unless you enlist the assistance of our IT support team in New York City. Physical recovery hinges on platform configuration. Either local boot disks or SAN is necessary to boot servers. The configuration ultimately dictates the recovery process.

Testing Frequency

Testing should be performed after each backup to ensure data is properly secured. However, performing testing at this frequency is not realistic. The happy medium is to test as a component of a regular cycle. As an example, plenty of businesses conduct monthly testing and testing when applications change or are newly-built.

At HOCS Consulting, our IT support team in New York City is here to help you test your backups and preserve your data. We can tackle nearly all your tech challenges, from project management to disaster recovery, cloud solutions, network security, email solutions, and beyond. Contact us to learn more.

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