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Construct Your Technology Roadmap with IT Support in New York City

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IT roadmaps are necessary for highly effective business operations. Your company’s IT roadmap should detail how your business will grow and how your IT, including an IT support team in New York City, will support such growth. The best IT roadmaps contain the following elements:

Resource Planning

The implementation of new technology and continued maintenance for those additions will chew up considerable time and resources. Therefore, resource planning is an essential component of your company’s IT plan. Fail to plan ahead and your departments may not have the resources necessary to meet demand, whether it is training current staff, serving customers or recruiting new employees. Or you may run into unanticipated and unbudgeted expenses and bottlenecks.

An Explanation of Roles

Your IT roadmap must detail how people will integrate systems, who will act as business unit leaders, and how others will work with one another to reach specific outcomes. Otherwise, employees will not understand what is expected of them. If roles are left murky, it will be difficult to make meaningful progress in a timely manner.


IT improvements are supposed to make jobs easier. Staff will not be on board with the implementation of new technology unless they understand how it will make them more effective at work or make their jobs easier. Explain how the addition of new IT will enhance roles and the benefits these improvements will provide to the organization as a whole. Continue to communicate the importance of implementing new IT and your team will embrace it rather than shun it.

Ongoing Reporting

Continuous reporting is necessary to manage the process of implementing new or changed technology. It can help you monitor whether a project is progressing on schedule and within budget, and it can help you see if it is reaching its objectives. If you feel even slightly intimidated by the prospect of creating such reports, don’t fret— our IT support team in New York City is here to help.

Change Management

In order to reduce the disruptions caused by changes, even the best changes, you need to plan the specifics of how each change will be implemented, keeping in mind schedules and activities that may be disrupted by the change. For instance, how are you going to update people’s software, when are you going to upgrade your servers, etc.? Also, you need to make sure that you are clear on who is going to need training on the new technologies, and make sure that the training is provided before the change, not after.


Benchmarks must be established to provide a way to measure performance. They can also be a powerful motivational tool, as they can provide employees with an objective goal to reach.


If your business does not have an IT roadmap or if yours needs to be revamped, look no further than our IT support team in New York City. At HOCS Consulting, we will review your IT and operations to tailor an IT roadmap suitable to your specific needs. Contact us to learn more.

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