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Data Backup is a Critical Part of IT Services in New York City That Your Business Should Have

IT services New York cityYour business runs on data and it is critical that your IT services provider in New York City protect you from data loss. From key proprietary information to personal data of your clients, losing this valuable info is detrimental to your company. Luckily, many managed services providers have the right processes, procedures, and equipment to keep your data safe.

Causes of Data Loss

Many business owners are hesitant to take preventative steps to protect the data. The prevenient feeling is that data loss can’t happen to them. However, data loss happens all the time, and your company is always at risk. Here are some examples of data failures that your business could experience:

  • Hardware failure – Hardware, such as hard drives and servers, are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. Over time, this can cause failures. In many circumstances, these failures are sudden and occur without warning.
  • Ransomware – There are bad people out there. They make money off of exploiting security weaknesses. Ransomware is a special kind of malicious software that locks you out of your data until you pay a ransom. This happens to many different companies, of all different sizes, and in all types of industries.
  • Employee errors – No one is perfect, and mistakes do happen. For some systems, complete deletion can occur through a misplaced click or the accidental use of the wrong shortcut key.

Why Bother Backing Data Up?

With the right data solutions, backing up data is automated, simple, and relatively inexpensive. In the event of data loss, you can get your business running quickly and with little downtime. Promptly bringing your production to normal levels could be the difference between a small upset and completely losing your business. The information stored on a backup system is your company’s safety net and taking the proper steps to maintain data integrity is a major part of IT services.

Methods of Data Backup

Many ways to create a secondary copy of your data exist. Simple scripts can write a backup to another server at a prescribed time. Typically, businesses choose daily or weekly, depending on the criticality of the data the server is handling. Having backups occur more frequently requires more server space and takes away from the performance of the servers. These limitations often result in longer periods between backups which increase the risk of data loss. The balance between effectiveness and risk is one of the main concerns of MSPs and business owners alike.

You also need to decide where to back your data up. Cloud servers offer inexpensive IT services in New York City that provide an off-site data storage solution. With these cloud-based solutions, you are restricted by its policies and regulations. For more flexible solutions, having private data backup storage may work for you.

Your data is an investment. It is compiled from years of hard work, and you need to protect it. Companies that provide IT services in New York City know the risks your business faces regarding data loss. HOCS Consulting offers a range of data recovery solutions. To learn more about how we can save your data, contact us today.

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