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Gain Substantial Infrastructural Advantages with Cloud-Based IT Services in New York City

IT services New York cityIT services in New York City are increasingly becoming cloud-based because there is an exceptional and growing market. Businesses save thousands of dollars on a regular basis just through a few simple technological upgrades. Several advantages defining the cloud today include:

  • Chat utilities
  • Utilities in web conferencing
  • Utilities in production
  • Storage solutions

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it makes sense to automate operations as much as is possible before the holidays hit. Cyber Monday swiftly follows Black Friday, which is growing a reputation in its own right. A business that is on the cutting edge of technological advance is naturally going to have greater clientele rapport; you are making things convenient for them. A business that cuts out the “middleman” off antiquated technology will naturally have a slight edge over the competition. During high-traffic periods of the holidays, this can be integral. With that in mind, the listed advantages will be explored in further detail:

Chat Utilities

Cloud-based chat utilities have many advantages. They can be used on virtually any internet-enabled device. These conversations are automatically logged for professional purposes, ensuring there is always a record of interactions between employees and sometimes even with clients, depending on your business. A company providing IT services in New York City can help you narrow down to the chat services best for your business. Currently, several recommendable solutions characterize the market. They include:

  • Slack
  • Yammer
  • Skype

Utilities in Web Conferencing

Web conferencing has been clunky in the past. This business utility has been around for decades, but only in the modern time has it become stable enough to be truly relied on. Cloud computing in New York allows for more crisp, clear, and dependable conferencing. Part of the reason for this is the makeup of the cloud itself, which is composed of a massive server array designed to handle greater loads than those imposed on the system through a web conference.

Utilities in Production

Productivity solutions through the cloud can be used anywhere internet access is available. Granted, you are going to be more productive with a tablet, laptop, or smartphone than you are with a smartwatch. You can create, share, update, and manage PowerPoint presentations across your business’s cloud network. Such productivity utilities make a truly “office-less” environment possible. Combined with chat applications and web conferencing, many businesses are realizing that through the cloud they can totally surrogate an office.

Storage Solutions

There is a lot to recommend cloud-based storage. If an end-user portal crashes, no data is lost. When you get right down to it, the cloud is making antiquated computational solutions defunct, but in a good way. Hundreds or thousands do not need to be spent on backup and automatic cloud backup solutions can be designed to always safeguard files. Think of the cloud as a more dependable, always available hard-drive living on the web.

Upgrading to the Cloud

IT services in New York City through HOCS Consulting can provide you all the advantages of cloud support. Your organization may be too big to make a complete transition overnight, but we can help you make a gradual switch that saves you the most time and aggravation. Contact us for the latest in cloud tech and much more.

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