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Going Mobile with an IT Consultant in New York City

IT consultant New York cityOne of the most important roles that an IT consultant in New York City can play is a defender against cybercrime. Mobile devices bring cost-cutting value and convenience to a workforce but they also pose big risks if you don’t take proper security measures. An experienced IT team can protect your bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment from threats, attacks, and downtime in the following ways:

Centralized Security

Employees may enjoy their jobs more by bringing personal devices from home that make them feel comfortable. It cuts hardware costs when workers bring their own smartphone, tablet, or notebook. If everyone were to be responsible for their own individual security, you would probably have a mixed bag of safe and vulnerable devices that could infect your network. It only takes one wrong click of an email attachment to connect with ransomware or other types of cyber attacks.

Using mobile device management (MDM) software is the key to streamlining the BYOD approach. It will give you control over setting policies on which employees and devices are able to access your network. The software has monitoring and alert capabilities that give IT professionals the power to detect and block intruders. It will also give you the option to wipe the device if it gets lost or stolen.

Remote access through SSL or VPN provides effective protection, but your staff still needs to be educated that employee error is a common reason for network breaches.

Staff Training Tips on Security

The best chance for a hacker to penetrate your network is when an unsuspecting employee is fooled by a phishing email disguised as a familiar trusted source. An IT consultant in New York City can distribute security tips that include:

  • Make passwords complex instead of simple
  • Use encryption
  • Keep all software up-to-date
  • Be aware that public Wi-Fi is not a secure environment
  • Avoid clicking illegal sites that violate copyright laws
  • Stay within the realm of assigned work online

Be aware that Android is the most targeted mobile operating system, due to its dominant market position. Even the best antivirus software can be breached by a persistent hacker, so you need as many security layers as possible to reduce the odds of an attack. There are lessons to be learned from massive attacks, such as the one against financial giant Equifax, in which the standard login “admin” was easily compromised. Changing your password periodically is a helpful strategy.

Protect Your Data

Backing up your data regularly is the key to protecting your business from starting all over from scratch if a breach causes data loss. All your critical data should be backed up in at least three places, one of which being offsite. Your data and applications should be simple to restore if you always have fresh backups. Developing a disaster recovery plan will ensure that your company is well prepared to survive an attack, hardware failure or other disasters.


Your network needs the most state-of-the-art solutions if you decide to make mobility part of your business culture. A seasoned IT consultant in New York City can strengthen your security. Contact us at HOCS Consulting to discover more about how we can protect your network so that you can focus on making money for your business.

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