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Help Desk Solutions are an Integral Part of IT Support in New York City

Four Notable Advantages

IT support New York cityAn IT support firm in New York City which offers help desk support will prove beneficial to employees, operations, and even the tech company providing operational support. Did you know up to 70% of end user tech issues at the level one designation can be solved remotely? Well, with a competent help desk solution, of course. They’ll need to be able to handle the load of your company and provide you actionable data to help you optimize. Still, with the right solution, you’ll see advantages like:

  • Employee benefits
  • Expedited problem resolution
  • Optimized troubleshooting
  • Internally and externally enhanced technician productivity

Employee Benefits

An IT support company in New York City providing remote desktop support can increase employee productivity statistically. It works like this: since approximately 70% of issues are remotely solvable, when an employee has an issue, they just contact the help desk and get a fix. Tech today makes remotely viewing employee desktop situations possible. The IT professional can quickly parse the data of the employee to determine where the issue was, how to solve it, and how to prevent it from happening again. This is much more quickly done remotely than personally. A tech must be sent to the employee location with on-site support. Sometimes that means sending somebody from the outsourced tech office. Sometimes it means sending someone internally. Regardless, without a help desk, it takes longer to resolve issues. As operations scale outward, more tech issues will develop, so the problem will grow worse the more profitable your company becomes. To retain profit, excising unnecessary time loss is key.

Expedited Problem Resolution

Most problems aren’t going to be terribly complex. Yes, some will be. But oftentimes, forgotten passwords, misplaced or misnamed files, computer settings, connectivity settings, and other operational items characterize issues end users have with their computers. Most of these fixes can be done in seconds by a seasoned tech professional through a remote solution. Without remote support, you’re looking at a half hour minimum for something that really only deserves a minute. When problems can be resolved more quickly, this enhances productivity.

Optimized Troubleshooting

An on-site tech who works for your company isn’t just helping internal employees with computer issues; they’re also maintaining the primary data network. This means upgrades, troubleshooting, installation, space requisition, transportation, backup solutions, penetration testing, systems testing, and many more integral, maintenance-related chores. There’s not a lot of time for an in-house tech to troubleshoot an end user issue. Help desk solutions come to the rescue once again by freeing up that internal tech. Now he or she can focus on optimization rather than play catch-up.

Technician Productivity Enhancement Internally and Externally

Techs on-site can focus their energies on innovative new ways to streamline your business and profitably scale outwards. Techs at the site of the MSP aren’t stuck traveling back and forth for minutiae. Basically, an outsourced solution fixes an ungainly clumsiness silhouetting modern business infrastructure: that of misappropriated tech support.

Streamline Business

IT support in New York City through HOCS Consulting can cost-effectively optimize your business through help desk support which streamlines troubleshooting, increases productivity among techs and employees, and resolves problems quicker. We additionally offer other cutting-edge tech solutions. Contact us to enhance your brand.

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