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Implementing Access Management the Right Way with IT Services in New York City

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As criminals constantly seek new ways to access systems and the data that businesses rely on, it is crucial to have many layers of protection in place. One really important method of defense is access management. This means that you limit who can access your systems and what they can see and use.

Access control is a fundamental strategy to protect your systems. However, for it to be useful without getting in the way of getting business done, it needs to be implemented right.

Here are some things to keep in mind, according to our IT services team in New York City:

Access Management Requires Some Investment, But It Pays Off in Increased Security and Effectiveness

Access management requires some planning and investment. While no business likes to spend more money than it needs to, the payoff in avoiding damaging breaches is well worth it. Getting your IT services provider in New York City to help you with the process is a good way to minimize the amount of time your staff needs to spend on this and the potential for disruption. But, buy-in needs to come from the top.

Step #1 is Figuring Out What Resources Each Role and Function Requires

Figure out what people need in order to do their jobs. Does the bookkeeper really need account login information for all your vendors? On the other hand, how is the office manager going to keep supplies in stock if you don’t provide account information? Go through each role and figure out what people really need.

Give Each Person Access to The Resources They Need Based on Their Roles

Once you have decided that a certain role requires specific resources, provide those resources to anyone who has that role, and do not give those resources to others, even if they have similar or related roles.

Be Willing to Provide and Revoke Access as People Move Between Roles, Functions, and Processes

Remember that the access you grant is not written in stone. People move in and out of roles all the time. Perhaps someone is out and someone steps in to cover their job, or a special project comes up that you shift someone on to for a few months. Maybe you realized that someone is actually perfect for a different role in your business. Whatever the reason someone moves, you need to reassess their access. They probably will need access to new resources. But they will also most likely no longer need access anymore to other resources. So, whenever you change a person’s role or how a function operates, change the access you provide.

Implement A Least Privilege Model

When deciding what people need, use the “least privilege model.” This means that although you give people what they need, you do not give them more. Not just in terms of the data they have access to, but in terms of the things they can do, such as installing programs or connecting hardware to your network. This limits the opportunities for nefarious people to hijack the access of legitimate users and do damage.

We Can Help

At HOCS Consulting, our IT services team in New York City can help with implementing truly effective access management at your business or other organization. Contact us today for more information about preventing digital security threats and getting the most out of your IT.

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