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The Importance of MDM and IT Support in New York City

IT support New York cityMobile device management, also known as MDM, is highly important for IT support firms in New York City, as well as just about every other modern-day business. Nowadays, employees in all lines of work are relying on their laptops, tablets, and phones for personal and professional obligations. If these devices are not completely secure, the business will pay the price in the form of lost or compromised data. In this article, we will explain the importance of MDM security and the merits of this emerging technology.

MDM gives you oversight over the mobile devices of your team

Proceed without MDM and your team’s communications and operations will prove insecure. Mobile devices go in and out of the workplace door with regularity throughout the day. You can use an MDM product to get an overview of which devices the company owns, which devices are accessing the network, what patch levels the devices are on, and other important details. In fact, IT team members can even see the apps that have been installed.

Seize Control Over Unclear Boundaries

Mobile devices have quickly become ubiquitous. The average person uses a smartphone for just about everything including work responsibilities. So, you need to have control over the boundaries between work and employee personal lives. Therefor App management is crucial; Mobile device management is always incomplete if administrators are unable to check the usage and authenticity of the Apps that are used in the network. You need to be able to blacklist and whitelist apps as appropriate, ensuring you are in full control of the software that runs on mobile devices.

Generate a Trail with Detailed Reports

One of the best reasons to let our IT support team in New York City help you with MDM is to keep insecure devices from accessing your network. In addition, there is the important information that can be gleaned from detailed reports. You will have access to informative reports generated with specialized report builders. The reports can be subsequently exported and saved.

Assistance is Always Available

Opt for an elite product and you will have access to someone when you need assistance. Between email and phone support, there is almost always a customer service representative available to help.

Reduce the Risk of Devices with Poor Support

Mobile devices are revered for their simple and clean systems. There is no need to fuss around with all the inefficiencies of a comparably clunky desktop. Yet there will be some situations in which poorly supported mobile devices must be used. After all, devices cannot be replaced every few months. Managers can lock down company-owned devices to be used only for the purposes that they are intended for and keep insecure personal devices off the network.


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