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The Importance of Server Virtualization and IT Services in New York City

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If you’re looking for a new IT services provider in New York City, you should think about choosing one with virtualization services. Virtualization can be difficult to define due to its technical nature. In general, virtualization refers to the process of creating and running virtual IT resources, such as desktops, operating systems, storage, and networks. The systems in operation are usually abstracted from the actual hardware. Virtualization can also refer to multiple operating systems within a single computer system at the same time.

There are multiple service areas in which virtualization is popular and beneficial for businesses. These areas include:

  • Server Virtualization – Server virtualization is the partitioning of a single server to different virtual machines. This setup eliminates the need for physical machines and boosts operating power.
  • Storage Virtualization – Storage virtualization allows for the virtual pooling of network storage for quick access and backup of information.
  • Network Virtualization – Network virtualization allows for efficient distribution of bandwidth for efficiency and security.

All forms of virtualization can be beneficial for your business. However, server virtualization is an innovative service which can transform your IT operations, increasing the productivity of your business while cutting your technology costs. Here are the central benefits of choosing an IT services firm in New York City with server virtualization:

Streamlined Operations

You’ll experience better business continuity if you incorporate server virtualization into your company. As mentioned, this method allows the partitioning of your commercial server into multiple virtual servers. With this setup, you won’t have to deal with downtime. If one virtual server fails to perform your tasks, the operating system will be moved to another virtual server, ensuring streamlined operation and preventing loss of company time.

Better Data Security

Your business data and processes will be secure when you virtualize your servers. In simple terms, once your operating systems are moved to virtual servers, you’ll have IT experts handling the data. Therefore, there is minimal risk of the data getting compromised, and the virtual servers will create backup data in case of an accident. In addition, you should note that the virtual server infrastructure has numerous measures, such as firewalls to protect against malicious hackers.

Reduced Server Costs

The cost of purchasing physical servers for commercial operations can be high. Under normal circumstances, you would require multiple servers to run your company‚Äôs operating systems. This means that you would need to purchase expensive, space-consuming servers. However, with server virtualization, multiple operating systems can be handled due to the creation of virtual servers through partitioning. It just means you’ll spend less money on physical servers!

Convenient Data Access

Virtualization of servers eliminates the problems associated with the centralization of data, applications and other IT resources. In a traditional setup, employees must come to the office to access information, software, and processes. This can be inconvenient if there are mobility limitations. With virtual servers, the company operating systems can be accessed with ease. This also means moving your business to another location with ease.

If you would like to learn more about virtualization from an experienced IT services provider in New York City, contact us now at HOCS Consulting!

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