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Effective technology can do more than secure data, meet compliance standards and block phishing scams. The right IT solutions can transform an organization by boosting productivity, driving innovation and building a competitive edge. Let the HOCS Consulting team show you what industries we serve and what custom IT solutions can do for your business.


HOCS has deep experience working with a variety of healthcare providers, including private practices, clinical labs, pharmacies and skilled nursing facilities. Our IT professionals ensure the right hardware, high-reliability servers and advanced security protocols help keep pace with CMS and HIPAA requirements.


Our team understands the unique IT challenges of working in education. From assuring always-on connectivity and enforcing student and faculty data access controls to meeting FERPA data protection laws, we’re experienced in supporting the education industry with secure, reliable, cost-effective IT solutions.


The right tools and technologies can help manufacturing facilities streamline operations, boost productivity and create new efficiencies. From specialized software to cloud-based solutions and high-capacity Wi-Fi, the HOCS team knows how to drive innovation and support IT infrastructures in the manufacturing industry.


The HOCS team has the technological expertise and hands-on business experience to help businesses thrive. From advanced security policies and backup and disaster recovery solutions to regulatory compliance support, we know how to guide businesses through digital transformation and drive new growth.


The IT professionals at HOCS have been partnering with real estate developers and management companies for decades. We help firms navigate changing consumer demands and create a competitive edge with robust project management tools, cloud-based file-sharing solutions and industry-specialized software.

HOCS Consulting is a premier IT service provider throughout the greater Tampa Bay. Our commitment is delivering comprehensive and cutting-edge technology solutions to clients nationwide. You can partner with the HOCS team for custom IT tools and world-class support in New York, Oregon, Texas, Florida and everywhere in between. No matter where you do business across the country, you can count on our commitment to personalized solutions, always-available support and a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. 


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