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IT Consultant in New York City: 5 Advantages of Desktop Virtualization

IT consultant New York cityAny IT consultant in New York City says adopting desktop virtualization could revolutionize a business. For your business, this technology has the power to transform your business model, cut costs and empower your employees.

What is Desktop Virtualization?

A traditional desktop setup involves installing a PC and monitor on a person’s desk. The desktop contains the memory, storage, and computing power to handle various pieces of software installed on it. Over time, the PC may require upgrades to keep up with ever-expanding software requirements. It may also experience hardware failures, requiring repairs or replacement.

With desktop virtualization, the user’s desktop is stored on a remote server, instead of on the piece of local hardware. To access the desktop, all the user has to do is log-in through a thin client. The desktop presents itself and the user goes about his or her daily routine.

What Is So Beneficial About Desktop Virtualization?

According to a top IT consultant in New York City, desktop virtualization offers benefits to companies of all sizes. Here are five of the most important:

1. Ease of management

Managing desktop environments is one of the most time-consuming jobs in the IT realm. This includes installing patches, ensuring backups happen, and securing the environment against malware. With desktop virtualization, all of the administration is done from a single central console.

2. More use of older hardware

One of the main reasons PCs and laptops have to be replaced regularly is that they don’t have the memory or storage to handle upgraded software. With desktop virtualization, that problem is solved. Old PCs with minimal memory and storage can run the virtual desktop with ease.

3. Lower costs

With better use of hardware and easier management of the desktop environment, your company will see significant costs in hardware and labor costs.

4. Enhanced security

Think about how many desktops, laptops, and smart devices that exist in your company’s environment. Each of those is a security risk if they contain confidential company data. When your employees use a remote desktop for everything, that data never reaches their local device. It all resides on the central server, safe and secure.

5. Increase in productivity

Employees can access their desktop from any secure device and from any point on the globe. That means they can do their work from anywhere and they aren’t hampered by their main device being unavailable. Plus, employees have less downtime because they aren’t interrupted by software updates.

These benefits show why desktop virtualization is a technology your company needs to explore. If you want to learn more, reach out to an IT consultant in New York City. Contact us at HOCS Consulting.

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