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How an IT Consultant in New York City Can Protect You from BYOD Security Threats

IT consultant New York cityAn IT consultant in New York City may be the only thing standing between you and misfortune if you allow your employees to use their own devices for work-related matters. The trend for Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is becoming more widespread and is generally an excellent way for a company to increase the efficiency of its workforce as well as lowering costs.

With staff being able to access work information from anywhere at any time and a reduction in the amount of hardware a company has to buy and maintain, it can be seen as a huge bonus. However, there are downsides which need to be considered before they cause an irreparable disaster.

Accidents and Carelessness

We are all human, and as much as security will be drummed into your staff, there will inevitably be accidents or carelessness that result in lost or stolen items. Using devices over unsecured Wi-Fi in public places such as coffee shops or hotels is definitely frowned upon, as it can be very simple for a hacker to access it and any of its data including being able to login to your IT infrastructure. This is one of the many important aspects that will be considered by an IT consultant in New York City when they are helping you create a BYOD policy so that you can protect your systems.


One of the beauties of BYOD is the familiarity people have with their smartphones resulting in convenience and speed with which they can access work information. Unfortunately, it is usually a habit to save passwords for secure systems such as emails so that there is no need to log in each time. This could be disastrous if the device is lost or stolen so users must never save their password and must always make sure it is changed frequently.


You probably have firewalls and encryption on your company’s IT systems designed to head any cybercrime off at the pass, but has anyone thought about your staff’s personal devices that connect to it? These may have no firewall considerations at all, and a simple slip-up like clicking on a link in a phishing email could spell disaster.

If you would like the help of an IT consultant in New York City, look no further than us here at HOCS Consulting. We are well-versed in security particularly when it comes to remote devices and can recommend actions to take and software to use that will protect both your company and employees. Don’t let hackers gain easy access to your precious data— contact us today so that we can safeguard your company as soon as possible.

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