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An IT Consultant in New York City Can Push Your Business Forward With Cloud Services

IT consultant New York city, cloud computing New YorkVery few IT breakthroughs have been as revolutionary as cloud computing. The ability to access data from anywhere on any device has completely changed the landscape of businesses far and wide. It’s even much cheaper than using internal network servers as well. Although security was questionable in the early days of cloud computing, rest assured that there is an IT consultant in New York City that is a perfect fit for your business.

Here are a few benefits of utilizing an IT consultant for cloud services:

Expand Your Business As You Go Without Worrying About Security Risks

Cloud services are great because you can almost always expand the amount of cloud storage that you need as you need it. However, constantly expanding cloud infrastructure can open your system to attacks as the security shifts to cover the new additions. By utilizing an IT consultant in New York City, you ensure that your system is covered, while still gaining the benefit of flexible cloud storage. IT consultants can even proactively expand the security measures to new cloud infrastructure before the addition goes into the system.

Get the Technology of a Big Business for Businesses of Every Size

IT consultants offering cloud computing services in New York have the best of everything in the business. They have some of the most advanced technology in the industry, and they employ only the top IT experts to handle the needs of multiple companies. So when you choose to let these companies handle your cloud network, you gain access to the advanced technology and security of a much bigger network. They offer better physical security measures, like biometric access controls, as well as better infrastructure support, which complies with NIST standards and is constantly monitored. No matter what size your company is, it is extremely difficult to match the security benefits of an IT consultant company.

You Get the Best Experts in the Business

Your IT team might be amazing. They might have a wide range of expertise in the field, they might have years of experience, but the IT consultants have one thing that they don’t. The manpower. IT consultant companies have multiple experts in every IT field that there is. So when something goes wrong, it won’t be one guy who knows what he’s doing assisted by a few other guys. IT will be a handful of well-trained experts who know exactly how to fix the problem the first time as quickly as it can be fixed. With an IT consultant, you get the price that your business needs with an army of experts ready to help when you need them.

The security risks of the cloud are long gone. Today, cloud services tend to be much more reliable and secure than internal servers. Even better, you pay for cloud services as you use them, meaning big savings on your IT budget at the end of the quarter. So don’t wait to make the switch— get an IT consultant in New York City like HOCS Consulting today! We have some of the best experience in the business and can provide an effortless cloud service for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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