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IT Consultant in New York City: How to Use the Cloud to Benefit You

IT consultant New York city, cloud computing New YorkThe cloud or cloud computing is a term you are bound to hear a lot once you partner with an IT consultant in New York City. This begs the question: what is the cloud? The cloud simply refers to all things accessible remotely via the internet. Thus, cloud storage refers to data and files stored on the internet servers, as opposed to saving on a computer’s hard drive.

Cloud computing in New York City has been known to provide scalability and more flexibility, not to mention how it lowers upfront costs. This, of course, is an added advantage to businesses as they can maintain a competitive edge. Here are ways in which you can utilize the cloud to your advantage:

Storing Data

The cloud gives you the ability to store all your business or personal data online. This could include files, emails, employee information, and even photographs. The best part is that you can actually access this data from anywhere and from any device as long as there is an internet connection. this means that you do not have to be specified in the office to execute your duties or conduct business.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

As an organization, you can use the cloud as a form of data backup. In this age, people do not depend on the physical hard drives for storage. Disasters such as fires, floods, hardware failure, or even human error might occur and lead to data loss. Your data is safer when backed up to the cloud. Even in the event that a disaster occurs, you will still have copies of your critical data backed up to the cloud, and an IT consultant in New York City can help you to recover.

Testing and Development

This is, perhaps, one of the most important offerings of cloud computing. You can utilize the cloud to get a working environment suited to your specific business needs, thus reducing the time and money spent on testing and development of new projects.

File Sharing

With the cloud, employees can share files simultaneously in the organization. If you have certain documents or information that you want every employee to see, you simply upload it, and everyone will access it right from their desks. People are no longer using the local file sharing when you can gain more efficiency with server-based sharing.

With an IT consultant in New York City, you can exploit the cloud to your advantage in very many ways. You will no longer worry about data loss or accessibility. To get more insight into cloud computing and other IT services, contact our experts at HOCS Consulting.

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