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How an IT Consultant in New York City Can Help You Make IT Budgeting More Predictable

IT consultant New York cityAn IT consultant in New York City can help you identify areas of cutting-edge innovation you might miss otherwise. Additionally, such a consultant helps optimize your existing operations and upgrade things where it’s most profitable to do so. Generally, IT consultants today are advising outsourced technological solutions for a variety of reasons, not least of which is predictability of cost. Several other advantages include:

  • Comprehensive service solutions
  • Up-to-date security protocols
  • More effective BDR
  • Competitive facilitation

Comprehensive Service Solutions

An IT consultant in New York City can help you acquire a singular operational solution that covers all your bases while diminishing operational complication.

If you source an internal solution, your IT techs will be working on maintaining operational ability. They’ll not likely have the wherewithal to ensure your business is continuously cutting edge. They’ll be too busy troubleshooting to optimize going forward.

Additionally, you’ve got to pay them annually, and that’s likely not going to be doable in a qualitative way for less than $50k per tech person. Meanwhile, you can get a comprehensive outsourced tech suite for less than the cost of a single tech employee in many cases, depending on the size and scope of your operations of course.

Up-To-Date Security Protocols

Technological security needs transition at regular intervals in the same way ripples wobble out from the center of a pond where a stone has been thrown. In this case, the rock thrown in the pond of tech development was computational innovation.

Moore’s Law has predicted continuing ripples at predictable intervals for decades. As yet, the momentum behind Moore’s Law has yet to be arrested, and no one knows when or if this trend will change–though an event horizon is expected. Regardless, with new tech comes new vulnerabilities. If you’re going to keep your operations properly secured, you’re going to need the latest security solutions as soon as you can get them.

You’re not just fighting against corporate hacks and traditional cybercriminals. Last year, the stakes got higher. North Korea launched the WannaCry ransomware worm, which affected businesses that didn’t have proactive security (including the latest patches) in over 150 countries.

More Effective BDR

BDR stands for Backup and Data Recovery. This is a catch-all emergency solution if all other protections fail. You need to be able to recover in the wake of total systems failure, and that requires backups. An MSP that provides outsourced tech services can help you backup instantaneously via cloud computing protocols, saving you the cost of onsite backup server arrays while additionally providing you both more secure backup and quicker recovery solutions.

Competitive Facilitation

Outsourced tech solutions can switch onsite tech for cloud computing innovation, also helping you employ IoT (Internet of Things) solutions while reducing your regular operational costs. This makes your business ultimately more competitive in the long run, while additionally making it easier to remain current in the market.

Optimizing Your Business

An IT consultant in New York City can help you go through your business with a fine-toothed comb in order to determine where competitive facilitation, security solutions, BDR and comprehensive support can most effectively optimize your enterprise. Contact us now at HOCS Consulting for the latest in technology consultation solutions.

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