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IT Consultant in New York City: Identifying and Avoiding Social Engineering Attacks

IT consultant New York citySocial engineering attacks can cripple any company. Social engineering targets an individual or specific company and has evolved from attacks that primarily relied on mass email spam to hundreds of thousands of targets. Social engineering attacks are growing increasingly dangerous, so your business must stay aware at all times, or you risk becoming the next victim. Here are just a few ways that an IT consultant in New York City can help your business recognize and avoid these malicious schemes:

Target Emails

The most common type of social engineering attack revolves around the use of emails that target a specific company. Typically, the cybercriminal has already done extensive research about your company and hopes to deceive you into responding to an email and giving out confidential information. However, an IT provider can offer additional training to recognize these emails and avoid making these costly mistakes.

Near Identical Domain Name

Another common sign of a social engineering attack is the use of a domain name that is almost identical to a legitimate website. In other words, the scammer has already purchased a domain name in advance. It is essential that your employees view each website address before clicking on any link. If you believe the domain address looks suspicious, it is a good idea to contact an IT consultant in New York City for further investigation.

Unsolicited Phone Calls

Social engineering attacks are not merely limited to emails but can also occur over the phone. Be wary of an unsolicited phone call that asks for your company’s personal information. It is best to hang up the phone. It only takes one employee to make a mistake that can cost your company countless amounts of money. The best way to minimize this risk is to allow an IT provider to frequently train your employees on cyber attack prevention.

Social engineering attacks will only continue to grow more complex, so it is critical to partner with an IT consultant in New York City for added protection. HOCS Consulting is an IT company that specializes in preventing cyber attacks and helping businesses take advantage of technology. We understand the risks businesses face on a daily basis and it is our goal to offer the ultimate cyber protection. If you are interested in learning more about our IT services, contact us now.

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