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IT Consultant in New York City: Why You Need to Have a Server Maintenance Plan

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Most of your business IT operations rely heavily on the use of your internal servers. Even if you use cloud services, you still probably have internal servers, and they serve important roles. Whether you use them for accurate record-keeping, data backups, internal and external communications, or anything else, you need to regularly maintain your servers. If they operate efficiently and smoothly, your whole business benefits. Learn more about the importance of having a server maintenance plan below— an IT consultant in New York City can help you map this out:

Top Factors that Necessitate Server Maintenance

Your server does a lot for your business IT systems, but it’s not infallible. It can run into a problem that can affect your entire operation. The problem can be technical, hardware, software, or a human-induced problem; whatever the case may be, your ability to respond to such incidents quickly can save you time and money. An IT consultant in New York City that understands your business can get to work quickly to resolve the issues you face.

There are also various factors that can slow down a server and make it ineffective. Redundant files, out-of-date accounts and information, and old technology are all examples of this. You can take care of all these things when you make time for regular server maintenance.

Start Planning

To plan your server maintenance effectively, you need to map out what needs to be done, what the schedule is for each item and who is responsible for it. Regular maintenance should include routine checks of your data backup and network monitoring to see how your network is being used and how it’s performing.

It’s also important to plan for security-related maintenance. You want to make sure that software security patches are up to date, that your firewall and filters are working properly, and that anti-virus is properly deployed and kept up to date. Lastly, you want to make sure that your user list is being properly maintained. When users change positions, you want their access permissions to change. And when people leave, you need to make sure that their access gets terminated.

If you need assistance with server maintenance planning, we have you covered at HOCS Consulting. As an IT consultant in New York City, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide the right services. Contact us to learn more.

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