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One way to gain an edge over competitors that refuse to outsource is to hire an IT consultant in New York City as a way to learn more about technological efficiency. An often overlooked option is IT Standardization, which can accelerate business goals through building consistent infrastructure. Not only does this strategy increase productivity and efficiency, but it also improves staff morale while reducing downtime and potential security breaches.

IT consultant New York city

Increased Business Efficiency

As any experienced IT consultant in New York can explain, IT Standardization helps make a business more efficient by starting with a foundation in which all planned components fit. If you know what types of software you plan on using, for example, it makes sense to use an operation system that can accommodate all necessary applications. You’ll be more readily prepared to use a volume-licensing program that comes complete with affordable upgrades and updates. This strategy will save you time on compatibility issues, especially if the system has built-in flexibility for third party add on applications.

Another advantage to IT Standardization is that it allows you to make bulk purchases for hardware so that all computers in a system correspond to the same hardware manufacturer. That means each node will be comprised of the same components, making the system easier to maintain in case you ever need to replace parts. This type of consistency takes time-consuming research out of the equation for tech support and allows them to diagnose problems at a quicker pace. That way, when you upgrade processor speed or RAM, your support team can conduct installations faster, so that you can focus on other areas of business.

Less Downtime

Sometimes, management can get frustrated when maintenance leads to downtime while workers become idle, which diminishes productivity. This frustration can spiral into other problems that affect the overall mood and reputation of the workplace. It’s better to maintain business continuity as much as possible and keep staff members upbeat and active. Downtime itself becomes costly when it works against profits if employees are restricted to computers that don’t allow them to have complete access of their data.

The more consistent your equipment is, the more easily an IT service provider can set general policies and give workers general instructions to follow. IT Standardization further speeds up diagnosing and resolving connectivity issues, which prevents costs from rising out of control.

Ideal for National or Global Chains

If your business is a chain with different locations around the nation or world, IT Standardization is a strong solution, since it includes working with centralized administrative controls. This scenario is more conducive to a collaborative effort for tech team members in remote locations. When hardware and software is consistent across all computers in a network, it reduces the number of tools needed to resolve maintenance issues. Your IT team will have better control assigning access to specific team members, which helps protect against unwanted leakage of confidential information.


Your business will operate more smoothly when your IT consultant in New York uses IT Standardization. This solution eliminates extra time wasted on investigating problems that tie up tech support with tracking down a variety of internal components. Contact us at HOCS Consulting to learn more how we can standardize your technology so that you can spend more time on planning business strategies and earning revenue.


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IT consultant New York city

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