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IT Consultant Team in New York City Debunks the Myths of the Cloud

IT consultant New York city, cloud computing New YorkThe use of cloud technology continues to grow for businesses of all sizes. Contacting an IT consultant in New York City can help you find answers and dispel popular myths regarding cloud technology. If you are considering using cloud services, it is important to understand the variety of ways that cloud computing can help your organization. Here are four common myths related to cloud technology.

Myth One: This Is One Person’s Decision

Not one person can decide for a company to transition to cloud technology. As you know, moving to cloud technology impacts everyone in the company, so the whole management team needs to learn the benefits and disadvantages of the cloud. It should not be solely up to an IT team to make this critical decision, but rather it should be a collective decision for upper management. Once everyone is consulted and comes to a conclusion, it is easier to transition to cloud services with full cooperation from all involved.

Myth Two: You Must Upload Everything

Not everything needs to be uploaded to cloud servers. Adding unnecessary documents consumes valuable space and makes it harder to find important files. Some items are better suited to being stored physically. Taking the time to organize which items need to be uploaded can help make the process of uploading files that much easier.

Myth Three: Only Benefits Are Fiscal

For a clearer picture, businesses can refer to an IT consultant in New York City about the advantages of cloud technology soon realize that cloud services are about more than saving money. Cloud computing in New York makes it much easier to access important files, and you will also receive the latest technical upgrades as soon as they become available. Employees can also work from any location, so they are not confined inside an office. Working from home can be an excellent way to boost the morale of employees.

Myth Four: Only Use a Private Cloud Server

Many companies falsely believe they must use a private cloud server to store important files. Contrary to this belief, many public or hybrid cloud solutions work just as well, and cost less, than the use of a private server. The vast majority of public cloud servers offer plenty of storage space.

As you can see, it is important for businesses in New York City to contact an IT consultant about the use of cloud technology.

Fully understanding the uses of cloud technology while dispelling the myths can help you make an educated decision regarding the use of cloud services appropriate for your firm. Businesses can rely on an IT consultant in New York City to align their needs as a business to cloud technology uses.

HOCS Consulting is a managed service provider that offers cloud technology among other IT services. Our staff is specially trained to answer your questions and guide you through the multiple uses of cloud technology. Our goal at HOCS Consulting is to help your business reach new heights through the use of the cloud computing in New York. Contact us today and let us help you explore cloud technology solutions for your business.

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