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IT Services in New York City: Security Concerns about BYOD and MDM

IT services New York cityEvery forward-thinking IT services provider in New York City understands that many businesses are embracing mobile devices and need to offer security solutions that are appropriate for mobile environments. Smartphones and laptops create a more comfortable work atmosphere and save companies enormous expenses on hardware. Here are security issues your IT firm must consider to achieve a safe and productive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy:

Why Security is a Top Challenge for BYOD

A recent study by Cisco and other tech firms found that security is the biggest challenge for enterprise mobility. BYOD invites a wide variety of mobile devices that may not be compatible with the same security solutions. Since each employee stores their own favorite apps on their devices, it raises extra security issues than for a company using consistent hardware and software.

One of the problems is that not all IT personnel can keep up with the barrage of new mobile devices that are unleashed every year. It means they either have to study all these different models or implement strict policies that limit the types of brands.

How MDM Helps

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is administrative technology that provides your company with a certain level of control over mobile devices. Using MDM for your New York business allows you to monitor all your employees’ devices remotely and even allows you to deny access to data with its lock and wipe feature if the mobile device comes up missing. The software allows you to deploy new applications over wireless connections. You will be able to add or remove devices to your system any time.

Since you will be able to monitor employee activity, MDM helps reduce non-productive activity unrelated to company work, such as engaging on social media or playing games on smartphones. It lets you decide who has access to your network and what types of data and applications can be shared among your team. One of the more advanced features is having the capability of segmenting each mobile device, dividing it for corporate and personal use.

Concerns About Mobile Security

If you deploy a BYOD policy, it’s imperative that your IT services provider in New York City understands that employees must be trained about cyber security. Since each employee will be able to take home information on their devices and visit places outside your company coverage area, it’s crucial that they understand why cybercrime is becoming an unescapable issue.

Many times cyberattacks occur due to employee error, such as clicking a disguised email or infected link to a download. Employees must have a clear understanding of corporate policy and what type of information cannot be shared. They must be advised that hackers prey on workers who use mobile phones, which are easier to compromise than local multi-layered enterprise security.


Moving in the BYOD direction can save companies from making huge investments in hardware. Your IT services provider in New York City should have deep knowledge on how to deploy a BYOD policy and how to protect your company data. If you want to be confident that you are working with seasoned professionals, contact us at HOCS Consulting today. Let us make sure your network is secure so that you can focus on your business.

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