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IT Services in New York City: Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

IT services New York cityA recent security report by Intel reveals that over 90% of businesses rely on cloud services, and IT services providers in New York City are advancing the use of cloud computing for business processes. By tapping into cloud computing technology, SMEs and corporations realize a practical path to growth with significant flexibility. Besides, running on cloud infrastructure reduces the risk of systems failure and the overall IT budget.

Here are more benefits of migrating to the cloud:

Increased Cost-Efficiency

With cloud computing, the need to purchase and maintain IT equipment is eliminated, which translates into immense cost-savings. Unlike in a traditional environment, you won’t be tasked with deploying onsite servers, and you’ll need fewer professionals in your premises.

Flexible Budget

IT services providers in New York City offer subscription-based solutions including ERP and CRM suites, which allow you to pay only for what you need. Besides, you can scale down or up as your business needs change. Thus, you can plan your IT expenditures without incurring losses, which are common in a traditional setup.

Improved Mobility

Modern-day work processes rely on a mobile workforce, and the cloud offers an excellent mobility solution. It enables:

  • Centralized management
  • State-of-the-art encryption
  • Remote file access
  • Point-to-point security for desktop and mobile devices

This makes it easy for your staffers to work seamlessly from various locations and meet project deadlines, whether at home or on vacation from their laptops or Smartphones.

Failsafe Disaster Recovery

With hosted cloud services, the risk of data loss is minimal. Cloud-based services come with redundancy; thus, they’re resilient to natural disasters and cyberattacks. As a result, you’ll be able to recover from a disastrous occurrence immediately and overcome the disruption of business operations.

Robust Security

Lost devices result in immense losses for businesses. However, with cloud computing solutions in New York, you’ll benefit from better security safeguards to protect you from data loss in case a BOYD is lost or stolen.

Furthermore, the cloud-based services store data on virtual servers to ensure that you can access it anytime, irrespective of the location. For any data stored on mobile devices, you can wipe it out with remote device management tools, so it does not fall into the hands of malicious entities.

The cloud offers you a competitive advantage by providing you with enterprise-grade technology in a pay-as-you-go model. If you’re interested in moving to the cloud, we at HOCS Consulting can help you do just that. We are a trustworthy IT services provider in New York City, and our business is to boost the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Contact us now for more information.

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