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IT Services in New York City: Benefits of Virtualization

IT services New York cityBusinesses that hope to secure themselves against the losses tied to downtime must ensure that they have invested in both data backup and disaster recovery. For the longest time, business owners have erroneously used the two terms interchangeably thinking that they mean the same thing. In truth, disaster recovery goes past data backup, or simply put, data backup is part of the disaster recovery efforts that your firm can undertake to safeguard itself. As a leading IT services provider in New York City, another disaster recovery option we recommend is virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

Simply put, virtualization is a process through which a virtual version of an IT resource or device, such as storage device, server, operating system, or network is created making it possible for these to be executed from an environment that is independent from the traditional IT environment.

Does Virtualization Simplify Disaster Recovery?

In our long work as an IT services provider in New York City, we have had extensive interactions with small to medium business owners who have expressed their reservations when it comes to adopting new IT solutions. However, we have always reassured them that our able team would walk with them and help onboard them and train their staff if need be in how to handle the new IT solution. Having said that, it is important to point out from the onset that virtualization is a straightforward process that can be understood by anyone with basic IT knowledge.

Three Key Benefits of Virtualization

  • Cost Savings – Since there is no need for your firm to invest in getting expensive equipment and provide for floor space for the server rooms, the end result of embracing virtualization is substantial savings in cost.
  • Disaster Recovery – In any case, your system is attacked or hacked, you can easily restore it using the management tools that come with the virtualized system.
  • Green IT – Since fewer physical machines are needed to support a virtualized system, the long-term impact of this model is that there will be a significant decrease in power demand and the accompanying pollution.

Parting Shot

As seen above, virtualization has numerous benefits which you too can enjoy. If ready to shift to virtualized IT systems, talk to us at HOCS Consulting. We are an IT services provider in New York City dedicated to helping business take full advantage of IT solutions such as virtualization. Partner with us today!

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