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How An IT Services Provider in New York City Can Provide Virtualization and Cloud Computing

IT services New York city, cloud computing New YorkTeaming up with an IT services provider in New York City can modernize your business in ways that an in-house tech support team usually cannot. Two important technologies that can help make a business more secure and efficient are virtualization and cloud computing. Here are reasons why you should consider one or even both of these choices:

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Virtualization and cloud computing provide many options that can save your operation time and money. Virtualization involves putting multiple servers on one physical server known as a virtual machine. In this solution, the software controls the hardware. Virtualization can be used to divide your network into segments. Each segment can represent a different department such as accounting or sales.

Clouds are essentially offsite data centers that comprise of a huge pool of shared resources and can be categorized as public, private and hybrid clouds. Cloud computing involves paying a vendor for using its hardware and software, which can be shared with a team over the internet. It is an on-demand pay-as-you-go model. Some of the key reasons why businesses use cloud computing are that it provides automation, scalability and self-service functions for your employees or customers.

It is important to understand that these technologies can overlap if a cloud service uses virtualization, particularly for a private cloud. While a public cloud stores data, a private cloud comprises of the infrastructure that hosts your data protected by a firewall, making it suitable for internal office use. While a public cloud involves outsourcing from a provider and software vendors for use of their resources, virtualization gives you control of your hardware and software.

How to Decide Between Virtualization and Cloud Computing

An experienced IT services provider in New York City knows how to deploy both virtual and cloud computing. Both technologies can cut your IT costs in different ways. While virtualization helps you reduce hardware, creating more office space, cloud computing relies on using third-party hardware and software.

One of the main benefits of virtualization is that you can run different operating systems at the same time on one virtual machine. Through virtualization, your servers and storage will be independent of the hardware layer, as a “hypervisor” run your virtual machines, allowing them to share resources on one platform.

An important cloud computing benefit is that you will have the opportunity to test various software programs to decide what fits your business model. You can add or drop a cloud service anytime you want.

Important questions to ask yourself before deciding on virtualization or cloud are:

  • Do you want to keep investing in hardware?
  • How much space do you want to conserve?
  • Is your focus on operational costs or capital expenses?

Businesses that want to cut operational costs tend to prefer the cloud, whereas firms concerned more about capital expenditures are more open to virtualization.


Whether you decide that your IT services in New York City will be more virtualized or cloud-based, either way, it will free up time for your IT team to work on improving your business beyond infrastructure. Contact us at HOCS Consulting to learn more about how we can make your operations more efficient and productive.

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