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IT Services in New York City: The Importance of Data Recovery and Cybersecurity

IT services New York cityAmerican businesses across various industries are finding out how hiring an IT services provider in New York City allows both data recovery and cybersecurity to work together. While some people think of these topics as separate, they are both related to data protection and maintaining business continuity. In other words, they should both be included in a service level agreement.

How Data Recovery and Cybersecurity Relate

Your IT services provider in New York City should include both data recovery and cybersecurity because they each contribute to the survival and confidence of your business. If your system is struck by a power failure, natural disaster, or a cyber attack, you need to be able to still access your data. The way to do that is to back up all your data regularly so that you always have the freshest possible backups on separate servers beyond the primary server.

A data recovery plan, much like a cybersecurity plan, provides a safety net in case your business is targeted by hackers. You should make sure your IT team backs up your data regularly in at least three different places, with at least one offsite location. If you try to cut covers on either data recovery or cybersecurity, you run the risk of losing your entire business overnight.

Setting Priorities and Policies

Obviously, both data recovery and cybersecurity should be top priorities so that you can relax about still being in business a month from now. An unprepared organization can still survive cyber attacks but at a costly expense. Consider how Atlanta’s city government was recently hit with a ransomware attack and ended up paying over $2 million to recover the data. Even big organizations have failed to protect themselves against losses, but if you just make data recovery and cybersecurity top priorities it can save you from huge losses.

Within both systems, you will need to set policies that determine how you will consistently protect your data. Cybersecurity software or hardware, for example, can be configured to allow certain users and block all others. You can also decide which websites and applications to block. Another common and strong policy is to prohibit staff members from accessing your network through public wi-fi networks, which are preyed upon by hackers.

The best way to protect your data is to outsource IT services in New York City to experienced experts who have a deep understanding on the importance of data recovery and cybersecurity. Not much else matters if you are confronted with a serious attack and have no resources for backup. Contact us now at HOCS Consulting to learn more about how we can keep hackers from disrupting your business.

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