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IT Services in New York City: Should Onsite Software be Retained or Replaced?

IT services New York cityLaw firms and other clients face the prospect of replacing current systems with on-premise software or SaaS platforms that serve as suitable replacements. In particular, these new platforms permit e-discovery support. The question is which path to take. Here is a look at both options as detailed by our IT services team in New York City:


The decision to replace the current system with an updated platform that is on-site provides a number of advantages. Above all, costs must be considered. Everything from the cost of the IT staff to resources, software and hardware must remain on target in order to invest in e-discovery and other software.

The infrastructure is also of concern in terms of the ability to process data, store data, general administration, redundancy and so on. The proper digital security measures must be in place to preserve all sensitive data. All entities housing data that have trade secrets, PII, etc. must have specific security measures. All software updates should be administered to reduce downtime. Furthermore, the holding of all client information in-house might be optimal for the best management of long-term expenses as well as the control of data.

As soon as each of the considerations outlined above is ironed out, the search for the optimal solution can commence. You will need the proper hardware configuration, the team certifications necessary to administer the system and support for the services.

Opting for Replacement with SaaS

Plenty of law firms have moved internal software on over to the cloud. This transition has led to a growing acceptance for cloud-based services and software. Each time client data is provided to a service provider to be processed and hosted, it is stored on the cloud. There is clearly ample confidence in data center safety and processes. The next logical step is to consider positioning all client information away from the company’s data center. Our IT services experts in New York City are here to help every step of the way.

The Decision to Retain

Transitioning to a completely new platform will prove challenging. There is a risk of a failure that ultimately has the potential to cause costly inefficiencies. However, the argument can also be made it is inefficient to continue to attempt to stuff data into aged platforms. Yet others argue if your current system is working, there is something to be said for leaving it in place for at least a little while longer.

Replacement with SaaS and continuing with in-house options are not mutually exclusive. When used properly, both approaches can complement one another. Give it enough time and you just might find the SaaS model provides the ideal options for groups that lack the infrastructure necessary to move hosting and/or support. This model might also prove helpful for companies looking to utilize services when improving infrastructure.

HOCS Consulting is on Your Side

If you need IT services in New York City, HOCS Consulting is at your service. We provide managed services, cloud computing, disaster recovery, project management, digital security, and more. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and schedule an initial appointment.

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