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IT Services in New York City: Understanding HIPAA Compliance

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If you choose to hire an IT services provider in New York City, make sure it’s a firm that puts a high priority on data protection. Various industries must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, which went into effect seven years later. Here’s what you need to know about HIPAA compliance:

What HIPAA Means

Among other things, HIPAA is designed to protect the privacy of medical patients. This law identifies categories called “covered entities,” “business associates,” and firms that deal with “protected health information (PHI).” These businesses must comply with specific privacy and data protection standards to be HIPAA compliant or face heavy fines.

Covered entities include HMOs, Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance companies, pharmacies, and health care organizations. Business associates include data transmission or processing providers, data storage firms, medical equipment companies, medical transcription services, and IT services providers. Organizations that provide services to covered entities are generally considered “business associates” and are also subject to HIPAA regulations.

Combining IT and HIPAA Knowledge

Your choice for IT services in New York City is crucial if your company is required to be HIPAA compliant. If you come across any IT firm that doesn’t know what HIPAA stands for, that’s an instant red flag it’s an inexperienced company that may be operating outside the law. The best scenario is to work with an IT firm that takes proactive steps to ensure your data is safe from forbidden disclosures.

Your IT team should be diverse and full of experts that know how to respond to breaches or any threat to your data. Many times, employee error is the cause of data disclosures that could leave you vulnerable. Training and Data Loss protection systems are approaches that can be helpful in minimizing your risk.

If you run a medical facility, it’s crucial that a patient’s information does not get into the wrong hands. A high quality IT firm understands how to segment servers so that only authorized departments have access to confidential information.


Protecting the privacy of your customers is a top priority for the most reliable IT services experts in New York City— our team at HOCS Consulting. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your data and ensure your company is HIPAA compliant.

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