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IT Support in New York City: 5 Benefits of Server Virtualization

IT support New York cityWhile server virtualization has been a core part of the computing technology, IT support providers in New York City offer tools necessary to exploit it fully. The proper application of server virtualization results in improved efficiency in the administration of IT workloads. As a result, you’ll be able to attain maximum productivity. More benefits of this technology include:

1. Efficient Disaster Recovery

While disaster recovery planning is critical to risk mitigation, creating a replica of your data center is costly and time-consuming. Besides, it demands the matching of hardware components for it to work properly.

However, with server virtualization, you’ll be able to devise a data backup center with cost-effective servers. Besides, the server virtualization platforms provide data recovery and testing tools. Thus, you can run disaster recovery with ease from the dashboard of your server administration in the event of systems failure.

2. Flexibility

While physical servers are ideal for on-site operations for cold storage, virtual servers are more superior and have better performance with features such as fault tolerance, live migration, storage migration, and distributed resource scheduling.

These features are critical to the transfer of workloads, especially for data storage. With a virtualized server, data migration is trouble-free and runs with minimal to no latency.

3. Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

IT support providers in New York City regard virtualization as the hallmark of abstraction between software and hardware. As such, your IT infrastructure does not have to be limited to one vendor or a specific hardware model. Instead, you have the power of virtual machines so you can run on any hardware and any platform you choose.

4. Data Security

While data breaches have grown more common today, moving to the cloud with virtualized servers is safe since they’re configured with user privileges to prohibit unauthorized access.

In addition, the virtualized server environment provides endpoint protection software for the encryption of data on the cloud and in transit. Thus, your IT environment will be immune to cyber attacks.

5. No Single Point of Failure

Switching to virtualization eliminates the flaw of a single point of failure. The virtualized servers enable the segmentation of various services, such as the web server, mail server, and database server in a cost-effective way.

Besides, each service will have its dedicated computing power. Thus, you’ll have a reliable data center since they’ll not compete for resources with each other.

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