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IT Support in New York City Can Help Small Businesses Source Affordable Cloud Solutions

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More Affordable Than Ever

IT support providers in New York City have increasingly begun providing cloud computing solutions for SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses). One of the reasons for this is the developing affordability of cloud computing solutions. There is a two-fold advantage to consider:

On the one hand, increasing cloud popularity has expanded the ability for businesses providing cloud options to cost-effectively purvey their solutions. Some cloud networks have more than a million servers. That requires a lot of management and a lot of resources. For a business to turn a profit maintaining such an array means they must necessarily serve a massive client constituency.

The secondary reason for expanded cloud computing affordability pertains to operational cost-reductions which result from application of cloud computing technology. Software costs are reduced, as the right cloud provider will provide requisite software. Differing clouds will offer differing things, but you can find solutions out there which can totally surrogate an internal network with greater cost-effectiveness.

Hypothetical Calculations to Factor In

Consider this scenario: a ten-server on-site array costing $5k per server and about $10k by year’s end— in addition to staffing costs— has a cost internally around $150k a year. Meanwhile, a cloud computing solution in New York can do all the work for a fraction of the cost. A hybridized option can be approached where one server is maintained for exceptionally secure data, and other functions are through the cloud.

That said, just making the cloud leap here wouldn’t maximize its potential. Because with proper access credentials and secure internet access, the cloud can be used anywhere. This means on-site offices are no longer strictly necessary. Certainly, a business with a hundred employees in a facility may need to retain ten of them on-site for management reasons. But the other ninety could conceivably work from home.

Consider, for example, a call center. A small one may have contracts for big companies, as said companies outsource to multiple contracting agencies. A fifty-person call center could use cloud computing to facilitate their call service, then use BYOD (bring your own device) to minimize equipment costs. A $10k/month call-center rent can be cut from the budget, saving another $120k annually. Now, granted, this is in a hypothetically ideal scenario, but IT support in New York City can help your business realize similar savings.

Form-Fitting Cloud Upgrades

IT support in New York City via HOCS Consulting can help you find your balance in terms of cloud computing technology. Contact us to see which options will be most appropriate for your business and where you stand to conserve the largest amount of resources in comparison to new utilities available via the cloud.

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