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IT Support Experts in New York City Debunk the Most Common Virtualization Myths

IT support New York city, IT consulting New YorkWhen it comes to virtualization, most people are understandably uninformed or even confused. Part of the problem is there are numerous half-truths and even some bald-faced lies about this technology. Below, IT support experts in New York City debunk myths to shed light on the truth about virtualization:

Virtualization Myth #1: Virtualization Makes the Workplace Overly-Complex

The average office worker is comfortable with the conventional computing setup in which computers serve as hardware. However, this fact does not necessitate that a new model be egregiously complicated. Virtualization relies on a single conventional computer that functions as multiple virtual computers. The technical aspects of how this feat is accomplished might prove confusing, yet business owners and managers do not have to worry about such nuances. Virtualization even has the potential to decrease complexity as it permits companies to add onto IT systems as desired without concern over the limitations of hardware.

Virtualization Myth #2: Software Licensing is More Challenging

Too many people in the business world assume a server that runs several virtual Windows computers requires meeting lengthy and nuanced licensing hoops. The little-known truth is virtualization adheres to similar licensing rules as conventional computing setups in which there is a single desktop along with one license. This means there is no need to reconsider the software budget.

Virtualization Myth #3: Support is Inconvenient or Non-Existent

Most people know more about the cloud than virtualization, yet this does not mean virtualization is relegated to niche businesses. Virtualization works fantastically with remote support. IT consulting experts in New York are empowered to install upgrades and troubleshoot problems without driving all the way over to your office.

Virtualization Myth #4: Virtualization is Egregiously Expensive for Small Businesses

This myth is quite pervasive yet completely unfounded. There is a general assumption that the more complex an IT solution is, the more costly it will be to install and keep running. Virtualization is meant to enhance the efficiency of hardware and ultimately decrease costs. Virtual servers might require a bit more support than conventional ones, yet the increase in capacity indicates there is no need to buy another server for quite a while. The end result of your IT support in New York City for virtualization will be a decrease in IT costs.

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