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IT Support New York City: The Role of Mobile Device Management

IT support New York city, MDM New YorkThe rise of ubiquitous mobile computing has transformed business. From the revolution in communication to the always-connected lifestyle, the way people live and work and the way businesses operate have changed so many people from twenty years ago. This has a major effect on IT support in New York City.

If your business doesn’t follow suit, it risks being left behind. But how can a business support mobile devices in the enterprise without becoming a victim to everything from higher overheads for supporting a wide range of devices to security threats created by allowing personal devices to connect to your networks? The answer is mobile device management (MDM).

What is MDM?

Mobile device management is a strategy that allows for a safe and effective use of mobile devices within your business. Done properly, MDM allows employees to get the most out of their devices without creating unwieldy costs or risks for the company.

Based on an effective MDM strategy, your business can implement MDM policies that put the strategy in place, and guarantee activities are fully aligned with those policies. Luckily, your organization doesn’t have to do this by cobbling together an ad hoc set of skills and processes. An IT support provider in New York City has tools designed specifically to support MDM.

The Power of MDM Tools

Understanding what MDM is can be made much easier by examining the key strengths of MDM tools. The biggest aspect of this today is dealing with bring your own device (BYOD). Traditionally, the devices, whether desktop computers, telephones, or laptops used by employees would be provided by the employer and be procured and configured to comply with IT, infrastructure, and communications policies.

These days, it is increasingly popular for employees to be allowed to use their own devices for their work. Employees like this because of the familiarity and ‘ownership’ they get with their own devices. For the employer, however, managing the security of data and network connections becomes more difficult.

MDM tools, however, help to mitigate this problem from BYOD. Policies are programmed into the MDM tool, and with the help of automation, users and their devices can be managed in a much more secure and consistent manner. Enrollment and onboarding are easier and safer. Tracking, managing, securing, and updating devices is handled automatically. Even the communication channels employees use can be managed, backed up and secured.

If something goes wrong, users and devices can be removed from systems. Lost or stolen devices can be tracked or remotely wiped. Access credentials can be suspended or revoked. The best part is that all of this can be handled in a much more straightforward, simple and compliant way. On top of all of that, the MDM tools provide automated reporting, which management loves.

So, how does an IT support provider in New York City implement MDM? As you can see from the little snapshot above, it can get involved. Even when the tasks are clear, you still need to figure out the best tools for your requirements. HOCS Consulting has the experience and know-how to help you get up to speed. To find out more, Contact us today.

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