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IT Support in New York City: Understanding MDM and MAM in a BYOD Workplace

IT support New York cityMost businesses today have adopted the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. IT support experts in New York City recommend this to businesses as this system offers the employees much convenience; they do not need to learn a new system and they can access work-related files at their own comfort.

It is a reality that mobile devices have become part of life. An average person can own a smartphone, laptop, and a tablet all at once. The interesting fact is that what you need a desktop or laptop for can also be done using your smartphone. This has led to the encroachment of BYOD at the workplace. However, the company has the mandate of protecting the sensitive company data, as it allows employees to use their personal devices.

Business owners must decide the way in managing these mobile devices. The most common levels of security include MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management).


MDM is the most popular form of managing a BYOD environment. It offers the big picture of BYOD security by managing the device. Through MDM in New York, you can deploy, secure, monitor, integrate, and manage any mobile device at your premises. It keeps the employees productive and prevents them from violating the business policies. It also offers additional features like device passwords, locking or wiping a device remotely if it is compromised in any way, and tracking the devices and user access. The MDM software can actually encrypt the entire device or maybe certain files, thus offering maximum security and flexibility.


MAM is yet another form of BYOD security policy that IT support providers in New York City do recommend. As the name suggests, it focuses on the security of the apps on the device, as opposed to managing the entire device.

MAM solves all the worries that come up with fully managing an entire device, such as the possibility of locking down or wiping the device. In case the device is compromised, all you need to do is lock the employee of the corporate email. It does not tamper with any personal data on that device. MAM also limits the sharing of corporate data between different apps.

BYOD policy at the workplace is beneficial, as it boosts mobility and increases employee productivity. However, as mentioned above, before implementing it, you should consult an IT support provider in New York City to formulate how you are going to deal with enterprise data security that will be transmitted via those devices. Contact us now at HOCS Consulting for more insight into BYOD security policies.

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