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Managing Mobile Devices with the Help of an IT Services Provider in New York City

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It is essential to partner with an IT support provider in New York City that can help you manage all your devices. Failure to create a mobile device management (MDM) plan can result in devastating consequences, which includes costly data breaches, downtime, and cyber attacks. However, you can significantly minimize the chances of your company experiencing these dire results through the use of a managed service provider (MSP). Here are just a few ways that a mobile device management plan can keep your organization safe and protected:

Restrict Unauthorized Devices

The first step in developing an effective mobile device management plan is to restrict unauthorized devices from gaining access to your network. For example, an IT provider can enforce strict policies to ensure that an employee is required to register a device before it can gain access to the company’s network. This added layer of protection will improve monitoring services and can prevent the spread of malicious software from a compromised device.

Create Password Policy

Another important service provided by an IT support provider in New York City is the creation of a password policy for each employee. Each device needs to be password-protected to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to sensitive information. Each password should be at least eight characters in length while including lowercase and uppercase letters. Changing these passwords every three months will ensure that your employee’s devices remain secure. For that, an IT provider will ensure that each employee follows company protocols.

Real-Time Diagnosis/Resolution

Technical issues can arise at any moment, and an employee’s mobile device is no exception. However, an IT provider can help diagnose any problems before they develop into a widespread issue. Each device will gain access to proactive monitoring that will ensure that each device is operating at optimal levels. Ultimately, these monitoring services can save your business from experiencing lengthy amounts of downtime or data breaches that can cripple an entire organization.

Choosing to use a mobile device management plan provided by an IT support provider in New York City can help keep your business protected from internal and external threats. HOCS Consulting is a leader in enabling companies to take advantage of the latest technology available. We understand the importance of creating a mobile device management plan that will restrict unauthorized devices, enforce effective passwords, and provide real-time resolutions. If you wish to know more about the use of a mobile device management plan, contact us now!

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